What I Loved: The Long Weekend Edition

ball time

As usual, the most fun happens on the weekend – and that doubles when it’s a long weekend.


ball time

Ball time in the backyard with the puppy after work. Only it’s not so much playing ball as watching her run in circles around me and refusing to let me anywhere near her.



Wine. In my Harry Potter goblet (from the store at Movie World) and on a Stargate Coaster. Perfection.


bus rain

Ok, this was what I DIDN’T love…being rained on INSIDE a bus. Gotta love over priced public transport that rains. Actually, I guess if you put a spin on it, it’s kind of like the Great ¬†Hall at Hogwarts. So maybe those women near me mocking our state government were being too cynical about the investment in public transport – it would cost a lot to turn EVERY bus into Hogwarts replicas.


send bloggers and bacon

In case you haven’t heard, I’m launching a new blog called Bloggers and Bacon on Feb 1st. This week, I hit send on my first newsletter to my new list. Exciting!!


burger and coleslaw

One of the eggs looked funky in a frozen meal this week (which is strange, because every other one has been fine) so I took myself out for a burger date at lunchtime.


How to kill your husband

I bought this book for $2 this week. I have no idea if it’s any good but even if it’s not, it’s worth $2 just for the title.


Oh yes, and in the spirit of #2015TheYearOfMe (more about that tomorrow), I went away for a night to relax and write.


bird lamp qt hotel gold coast
Surely you’ve never seen one of these before from a blogger…
my office at qt hotel gold coast
This was my office for the weekend. Hard life, I tell ya!


how you afford hotel rooms
And this is how you afford a night away…DIY food that can be cooked with only a kettle.


QT Hotel Bathroom
I noticed how reflective the showerhead was when I was washing sand off my feet and thought it was a cool shot!


QT pool

And FINALLY, after staying at QT two separate occasions, across about 8 nights…and I got to use the pool!! Only I then learned that pools aren’t a great deal of fun on your own. I did spend some time floating and looking up at the sky with kids staring strangely at me, so that counts for something, right?


How was your long weekend? What did you love most this week?


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  1. Love the weekend away, I’m so glad you got to do it! I swam alone in my pool, also spent some time staring at the sky. I drove to Coolum one day I was so bored. And yet I still didn’t get anything that I thought I might do done! Lol procrastinator win.

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