#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 3

New Exercise, Sport or Class #2015TheYearOfMe

This week it’s healthy kick time. One of my goals this year is actually to find some kind of exercise that I want to stick with.


New Exercise, Sport or Class #2015TheYearOfMe



I don’t mind the gym when I’m there, but finding a time in my week to get there is hard. I’ve never liked classes though. They just don’t suit my personality well. I went kayaking the other year and loved it, but I don’t enjoy being in the sun. I’m picky!! I think I will look at swimming this week – not sure if I’ll try and find a class or just go on my own for laps or something.


What will you try this week? 


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4 Replies to “#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 3”

  1. I am so with you Vanessa. I need to do something but can always find an excuse. Maybe swimming is right for me too.

    1. I think mainstream fitness is just too focused on the diet world – like most gyms try to lure people in with weight loss packages and geez I’m just not interested at all in gyms offering that.
      If you like gyms, it’s ok (I never mind my gym when I’m there, but just never go!) but I think to stick to exercise you need to really enjoy it because that means you’ll naturally make time to do it.

  2. Swimming is great! I used to swim many years ago lol Now days i like my PT sessions.

    1. I have two pools nearby, so I feel like I have no excuse not to!

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