What I Loved: The Thinking About New Things Edition

red rooster

This week seemed to go by SO SLOWLY at some points. I think I really struggled because last weekend was big on a number of fronts so I felt like I didn’t get a break.


Have you ever taken a long train journey? I was looking at this sign while commuting to work this week and I wondered if it would be fun to take a long distance train trip.

train journey


I had to sacrifice this ice cream this week. I had bought too much stuff for the freezer while grocery shopping and couldn’t fit it in any more. I had been eating it since some time in …December? I made a good effort, but I’m just not an ice cream person. Unless it’s Ben & Jerry’s choc fudge brownie.

caramel and macadamia ice cream


After work on Friday I was heading out to meet with Rachel from Our Town Brisbane, Lara from This Charming Mum and Nikki from Wonderfully Woman and I wanted chicken like there was no tomorrow. My solution: Red Rooster. I worked at a Red Rooster in year 12 for about 4-5 weeks. It did not go well. Horrible place to work. But I do like chicken…

red rooster



We were in a bar near the opening of the Bris Asia festival. But it didn’t start until 7pm, at which point my introvert and tired self was waning, so I caught only the very start of the festival as I was leaving.

glowing elephant



I did something I haven’t done in about a decade – I bought a dress. I wish it had pockets but apart from that it felt like I was wearing pj’s so that’s a win by my standards. Now I have to actually wear it…we’ll see how long that takes me.

i bought a dress


Did you partake in the second weekly #2015TheYearOfMe Challenge? I did! Though I cheated slightly on the dates (because I can) and cracked this bottle as an at home launch celebration for Bloggers and Bacon last Sunday.

sparkling sauv blanc



Yesterday I completely and utterly zonked out for two full hours. Which is very unlike me – usually I can only sleep during the day if I’m sick. Maybe there’s something to this #2015TheYearOfMe kick that I’m on? Either way, after another groggy hour I started feeling really good so we bought some takeaway Thai food and ate it at the beach. Perfect weather – good breeze, not too humid. I love the early morning/evening temperature this time of year. It feels refreshing to me.

beach saturday night


In other news, I’ve decided to make it easier for people to keep up with #2015TheYearOfMe. Starting from tomorrow, I will send out my newsletter every Monday so that the latest challenge hits your inbox in the morning.


This blog also may have some offline time this year – I’m not going away, but a rebrand has been playing on my mind for many months. I’ve written a bit about it before here. I pretty much have the direction, the new URL (actually I bought that ages ago!), the theme I want and some concept ideas for a logo mentally planned. Right now I’m looking into who can do the redirecting for me so that no one experiences broken links. I hope it doesn’t take the blog offline for too long, but what has to be done, has to be done! I chose this name on a whim and only started the blog to teach myself how to use WordPress, and it really doesn’t suit anymore.


How was your week? What did you love?


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