What Do You Find Hard To Write?

What Do You Find Hard To Write

For someone who has always written a lot, I actually didn’t like English class at school very much. I didn’t really like the rules, the restrictions and other people’s (ok, the teacher’s) opinions on what was good or not. I just wanted to write.


What I hated the most was Poetry. Which got me thinking; what do you find hard to write?


I think I hated poetry the most because we started out by analysing it instead of writing it. I remember being told I had to write down what I felt. But then I got told off for saying I felt nothing. This happened a lot.

What Do You Find Hard To Write


I know that school is there to expose you to different things and teach you about them – but if you’re just not interested or engaged in it, do you really learn anything?


I always hated Shakespeare at first when we started reading a play. It felt frustrating, like we were reading something in a different language – only I knew it was English! Hence, frustration. In the end though, after weeks (or months, I don’t remember school that well) of reading and talking about it and analysing it, I would always find the meaning or reason we were studying it.


I never got that ‘ah-ha’ moment with poetry though.


What do you find hard to write? Is it a genre, a format…? 

9 Replies to “What Do You Find Hard To Write?”

  1. I’ve never had a go at poetry. I can imagine that would be quite difficult. As I write a lot of media releases, speeches and boring stuff for my job, I sometimes find it hard to be creative with my writing on my blog.

    1. Habit is definitely an important part of training as a writer.

  2. I love my notebooks. I’m absolutely over run with them, my husband thinks I might have a bit of a problem LoL, but I can’t help it. You can’t lug a computer everywhere, but my notebook always goes with me!

    1. *headdesk* I’ve written that reply in the wrong window… I’m a special ferret… for YOU I meant to write something about being obsessed with Twelfth Night when I was a kid and my dad thinking I was weird, and then making spending money at Uni by writing ‘translations’ of Chaucer for classmates… feeling very silly. So sorry!

      1. Haha that’s ok 🙂

  3. I can do poetry but not well, it’s a thing that you are ever fabulous at or crap!

    1. And it’s so subjective too!

  4. once upon a time I would have said any kind of analysis. Now not so much. English drove me nuts as well in that respect, but honestly now I wuite enjoy finding the hidden meaning in things. I think it was just the teacher.

    1. Analysis is never taught in schools. I took legal studies in year 11 & 12 and we had to start doing analysis – the teacher warned us all that even people with good grades would get bad marks for a term or two because it’s not what school was about. And she was right! Of course, then I went on to study in an area that is basically entirely analysis…

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