What I Loved: Outdoor Hammock Edition

teeny salt n pepper

I must say, it has been hard  to write my weekly what I loved posts recently – because a lot of my life is lying down right now! Doesn’t really make for an interesting weekly wrap up…but here goes anyway!


My first amusement for the week was this teeny tiny set of salt and pepper shakers at a cafe in Brisbane:

teeny salt n pepper


But I was soon distracted by the food itself…

breakfast pre problogger


I was in the city for the Brisbane ProBlogger event (you can read some of my tips from the photography session here) … and had breakfast with my blogging buddy Gayel from Modern Mummy Mayhem. Who has a complete disregard for my dislike of selfies, which is how things like this happen:

Lift selfie



I get geekily excited when I show up and get my lanyard. Though they recycled this time, so I didn’t get to keep it and hang it up with my other ones. And I can’t complain (this totally isn’t complaining) because then I’d be complaining about recycling. And we all know that’s an automatic douchebag label. Well played, ProBlogger team, well played.



Apart from that, it’s still quiet in my life. I’ve played a lot of bad video games on my iPad:

bad video games


I still love my new dining room table and working at it (more than my desk, who knows why). I spent some time in a tweet chat this week, since for once I was online at the right time.

laptop table


And of course, the title of this post does have relevance. We spent this evening at my in laws, having dinner and then watching a movie on the projector from hammocks. Really, really awesome.



hammocks and screen


How was your week? 




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