Low Iron Tales

Low Iron Tales

As I’ve written, I’m in a bit of a shitty place, health-wise, right now. Low iron is bringing me down. I have had it before, but that was in conjunction with glandular fever & severe strep throat, so it basically wasn’t noticeable. ¬†It’s a different feeling, low iron induced tiredness. But I’m at a complete loss as to how to explain it. It is tiredness. But it’s not the same tiredness as as long week at work. Or a big gym session.


It’s not a specific tiredness. It’s everywhere. Muscles ache. My brain won’t let me think of words or process what others say to me. Last night I was sitting at my GP and absolutely cracking up laughing (to the point where I was probably pissing off everyone around me) at some VERY DRAMATIC¬†crap show on channel 7. They would say something VERY SERIOUS and I would just snort with laughter.


I swear I would have failed my screenwriting class at uni if I had written trash that bad.


Anyway, where was I?


Low Iron Tales


It’s frustrating me that I can’t explain the difference between “normal” tiredness and low iron tiredness. I don’t need to explain it to anyone, but I want the words for myself. Actually, I want lots of words. It’s hard to not write.


My brain is still swirling with ideas (although it wasn’t for a few weeks there, so I must be somewhat on track to feeling better) but I can’t get them out. I need someone to download them. I need someone to put my fingers on a keyboard for me so that I can write. Which is kind of funny, because right now I’m not really looking at my screen, I’m sitting at my new table and staring at the house across the street as I write. So maybe I can write, I just can’t think?


I’ve been feeling guilty for the past two weeks for largely temporarily abandoning Bloggers and Bacon. But anything I write will be mush. I have about 50 drafts that my brain just won’t let me finish off. You can only do what you can do, I guess. I swear I’ve written a few books in my head recently. Maybe I need to start using that paid transcription app thingy. Rev, that’s it. If I can talk maybe I can spurt things out into a book.


Anyway, that’s kind of me right now. What are you up to? How are you going?




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  1. That sounds bloody horrid. Knowing you, it must be torture having ideas and not being able to download them from your head!
    I hope you can rest and get back to feeling energised again soon!

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