What I Loved: Food, again!

saturday morning at redcliffe

My goal for the first part of 2015 was to recharge. I was going to write about it on the blog, to take a few nights away, to put together easy DIY self care stuff that people could do at home.

And naturally, I’ve done bascially none of that. I did go away for one night, but that was mostly to work uninterrupted before I launched Bloggers and Bacon.

bathtub qt hotel gold coast
I did get some relaxing done…

However, given my recent low iron issues, I was definitely on the ball with needing to recharge. So how do you recharge when your physical health takes a giant beating and getting out of bed is challenging? Honestly, I don’t know! I haven’t done much for a month. Work – sleep. Work – sleep. And even that was difficult and tiring. That’s not really recharging though. That’s surviving. I think my recharging stage might be getting pushed back until I feel a lot more normal again.

Having said that, I think my iron tablets must be working finally. I’m tired, but it’s a different tired, as if my body is trying to get me to catch up on sleep, rather than just not getting energy into my body to function. This week just gone was this first time I made it though a full 5 day work week for the first time in a month or so. My sick leave has taken a beating but it has been many years since I’ve even had sick leave in a job so I’m very grateful for its existence. But I also wish I hadn’t had to use so much of it.

The past month or so has been very hard on me so I wanted to say thank you for your patience with my lack of blogging!

And onto the food I’ve loved this week (also, I like food again!):

bacon and egg muffin
Lazy $4 grab on my way to work…uh, more than once this past week.
reading on the train
I’ve been rereading books on my commute…and I think I need new books!




Mid week roast. Highly recommended.
more chicken
I think I was into chicken a lot this week…


author quiz
A quiz told me I should be an author. So I think this quiz was an excellent one.


jalapeno nachos
For the first time ever, I tried jalapeño nachos 🙂


After work on Friday, I went to see Nikki from Styling You give a talk on Autumn clothing. Frankly it was a bad idea – not because of the talk but because it was at the end of my first full week of work in a long time I was pretty much a zombie.


nikki at myer centre


saturday morning at redcliffe
View from by our BBQ hut Saturday morning.


How was your week? What did you love? 



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