What Religion Are You?

What Religion Are You?

What do they tell people to never talk about? Politics & religion?


Yeah…turns out I’m not so good at following rules.


I wasn’t raised in any particular religion, though I do know I have been baptised in both the Anglican and Catholic Churches. The Catholic baptism was so I could go to Catholic schools – as they are the primary type of private school where I spent most of those years of my life.


I hated one of those private schools I went to and harbour pretty negative feelings towards Catholicism (though not Catholics) after it. I probably won’t get over it because I just don’t care to.

What Religion Are You?


My husband was raised LDS (Mormon) and left that church for his own reason before we ever met.


There are positives and negatives to all religious and spiritual philosophies. For what I know as conventional religion (organised Christianity), it just comes down to the fact that I don’t believe that there is a God. I must admit though, my experience and knowledge of religion outside of Christianity is fairly limited (with the occasional exception of religions I have studied or read about for university). 


If you are comfortable sharing this publicly, I would love to know what religion you are. What does it teach? Is there an official website with its philosophies?


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