What I Loved: I Only Took Photos Of Food

eight dollar breakfast

It seems my appetite is well and truly back. I was going through my photos to see what I could put in my What I Loved post this week and it seems I’m a closet food blogger. Who knew? I’m really far too lazy to be a “proper” food blogger….because I want to eat my food, not care if it looks good.


So what I loved this week was food!


Like this chicken and zucchini pizza:

chicken pizza


And then there was the day where I carefully made lunch, followed by carefully leaving it on the kitchen table when I left for work, which resulted in sushi:




And then I did my grocery shopping at Woolies, which is strange because a) I really hate how slow their freaking checkouts are these days – honestly I swear a lot if I end up at Woolies and give the registers bitchy looks because I don’t want to bloody pause between each freaking item while you think, you stupid self scanning machine!!! (Coles, I like your checkout speeds better. There’s some free market research for you) and b) I usually try to shop independent. But sometimes convenience and not having to hold onto the trolley as it goes down a ramp wins out:




Then I made a seafood, pad Thai noodle yummy thing one night that I could eat until the end of time itself:


seafood pastas


Ironically, despite taking photos of food I’ve been queasy this week, and one morning I just couldn’t face food so I bought breakfast just before work:


eight dollar breakfast


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