The Bright Monday Question

The Bright Monday Question

This post by Em Hawker made me think back to when I tried to run #BrightMonday – it was all about putting on something bright to ‘cure’ Mondayitis. Even if you have a uniform, it could be a bright bag you take with you, bright hair clip – just something to brighten your day. I’ve since reorganised the category so there are a few other things in it now, but you can find the posts here.


It started for me years before I blogged, when someone told me they missed my bright yellow shirt that I used to wear to work. I slide into wearing dark clothes to work very quickly and easily. It’s something I try to be conscious of and I find that it does actually help me, personally, to wear bright colours.


The problem is, I don’t have a lot of stuff. I also don’t want a lot of stuff. I spend a lot of time trying to get rid of stuff, actually – I have very little storage space at home so it has to be culled regularly, because apparently stuff breeds. (How do inanimate objects breed so much?! HOW?)


The Bright Monday Question


Anyway, as much as I love Bright Monday, it just doesn’t really suit me and the way I blog, tweet, instagram etc. But I love it, I think others would love it too and I would love to see it continue somewhere online.


So, the Bright Monday question today is – do you want to take over it?


There’s not a lot to really take over, just the idea – because I’d love to see it continue with someone who it really suits. The hashtag was somewhat exclusive at the time, but I have to admit, I haven’t looked at it much recently.


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  1. Uh no… not me. Though I like the idea. When I worked and lived in Brissy I was very much a wearer of black and not much else. I did however have some bright jewellery I’d use to offset whatever I was wearing.

    Since making my seachange I’ve added some colour to my apartment AND my wardrobe!


  2. Great idea. Not an offer to take it over, though – you have stiff Instagram competition with monochrome Monday (which should be duochrome Monday – is it just me, or do most people wear two colours instead of one?). Love it though. I’ll certainly play along!

  3. I used to enjoy your bright Mondays…I certainly think Mondays need brightening. I have tried my best to wear bright clothes on Mondays. Or if I wear black, then I try and add some bright jewellery. I wouldn’t mind taking it on but I’m away all of June and two weeks of July but I suppose I could still do it on holidays. Happy to chat about it Vanessa 🙂
    {I’m NO fashion blogger though!}

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