How To Be Loved After Jet Boating

Yesterday I went on a little adventure. I’ll be posting more about that in coming weeks (frankly, after I swap from to self hosted, as it was sponsored), but part of the adventure was Jet Boating.


How to be loved after Jet Boating


Which, as you may guess, makes you a tad damp.


So when you feel vindicated for carrying a change of clothes, it still means your hair is a mess. A stinky mess. Saltwater does that to you. Now, I’m about as far from a fashion blogger as you’ll get, but I have special hatred of my hair. Namely, its ability to knot when there’s no wind. So you can only imagine what state spinning around for an hour on a boat left my hair in.


Enter, the item I cannot brush my hair without:


Jet Boating: Critical packing tip!


I’m not brand loyal – I’ll take any leave in conditioner I can get my hands on. And oddly enough, there are usually only one or two bottles in any shop (in any brand) at one time. I have no idea why.


But, bringing it back to jet boating – lets just say that if you’re on a boat full of bloggers, offering your leave in conditioner afterwards will get you many, many thanks :)


Have you ever been jet boating? How drenched did you get?

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  1. I went jet boating. With you in fact! It was amazeballs. I was scared and nearly heaved but you made me feel safe and less scared 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I reckon the travel pop-up must have been the most amazing!

    1. It was great fun!! I can’t wait to blog about it (gotta wait til I’m self hosted…) – though we did all crack a few jokes about needing you fashion/beauty bloggers post jet boating 🙂

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