Socks. Those little tubes of fabric. So simple. Yet not…


I have an issue with socks.


Now, part of that issue comes from living in Queensland, which means I really only need to wear enclosed shoes for about one month per year. So forgive my relative sock ignorance.


But what is with the elastic on socks?!


Why won’t it just keep working?


I wore a pair of socks to bed the other night and found them on the floor at the bottom of the bed in the morning. Now, it could be my husband playing a prank on me, but I do remember being half asleep and them having wiggled their way down my feet and me pulling them back up, so I’m pretty sure it’s the socks fault.


The other problem I have is that even if the elastic works, they just wear out in the heel. Or outright rip in the heel.


I have all of these problems regardless of the brand or type of sock, which leads me to believe that there is some kind of sock conspiracy afoot (geddit?) in the world to make our socks last for 5-10 wears before dying and thereby making us purchase a new pair.


Sock experts, help me out here! What do you do to solve sock problems? How do you train tubes of fabric to behave?


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