Op Shop Thief

On the weekend I visited an op shop that I hadn’t been to in a while. It seems like they might have new management because things were absurdly cheap (think all jackets – even brand new looking suede ones – were $5).


I got a little distracted on the way to the op shop & missed the turning I normally take. All good, I went to the next street. Then Ben thought he saw a recording studio so we had to do a u turn and check where exactly it was. Then I ended up just driving back the way I would normally would to get to the op shop.


For a little while now I’ve been looking for a rolling backpack. I generally take a backpack to work because handbags don’t deal well with a laptop and lunch. Neither do my shoulders. It’s a want and not a need, so that’s why I haven’t actually bought one.


There was one at the op shop.


One that someone had just found and was buying 🙁


I know that the world is “first in, best dressed” and that this really does apply to op shops and council run tip shops, but I am naming this random dude the op shop thief in my head.


The “what if” rolling around in my head right now is that if I had just driven there the way I normally would have, would I be the proud owner of a rolling backpack?


It’s like sliding doors, only for rolling backpacks.


Have you scored (or nearly scored) any great op shop bargains recently?


3 Replies to “Op Shop Thief”

  1. Oh the one that got away! They bite the hardest. xx

  2. Funny! Maybe you should have offered him a bit more than he paid for it!!

  3. Hate it when that happens! I grab everything and then decide what I really want. By the time I get to the counter, I want it all! Better luck next time!

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