Condom Tales

Condom Tales

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Now, I’m not really all that sure if this will stop you or encourage you, but the handiness of the condom can also be its downfall. The good news is that this downfall ends up with some good stories to tell.


Condom Tales


The handiness of condoms means that you can keep them anywhere. Your bag, your bedside table…but the handiness means that they can find their way into public places a bit easier than you might like.


I asked some friends to tell me their condom tales:


The weirdest place a condom was found: stuffed in an old pair of boots (that were nearly listed for sale online!)


The most obvious place: on a bookshelf in plain sight


The secure location: in a shoebox, under the bed, with a rubber band around it


The curious child: who wore one on her arm


Do you remember that episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica both had dates in their bedrooms but there was only one condom left and they had to decide who got to have sex that night and who didn’t? Good sitcom story, but really, I never got that. Why would you want to go wandering around your house looking for a condom at that time? Surely you’d just want one on hand!! Though not literally on hand like the case of the curious child.


What I’m gathering from this is that there is a great space in the condom market for a place to keep them that include security like rubber bands!


Do you have any funny condom stories? Have your kids ever found them?


10 Replies to “Condom Tales”

  1. We lost one in the loungeroom once and became convinced the cat had eaten it. Talk about a freak out! It showed up a week later under the couch (long story- it wasn’t used!)

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh no! Pets get expensive when they eat things too. Glad the cat hadn’t eaten it. The cat’s probably glad too…

  2. Haha! Ahh the weird and wonderful places people hide them. I have to say I can’t remember anything more exciting than inside the wallet – the question is often how long has it been in that wallet!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha that’s the real question. Or how to fit one in a wallet – mine is always full of receipts and no money!

  3. I went out with a guy once who used to keep a condom in his shoe. Ewww!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      What?! That’s the strangest place so far I think. That’s just ew all around in my head. Image be gone 🙂

  4. This is disgusting, but when the kids were younger we went to a park and some horrid people had left their used condoms on the ground. My son thought they were balloons and went to pick them up. I stopped him just in time. (I call the people horrid, not for having sex, but not for disposing of their rubbish thoughtfully. Gross.) Then my son kept asking: Why couldn’t I have the balloons Mum? Why?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh poor boy! It must be so hard for kids to understand these things. And I can’t imagine there are many age-appropriate ways to explain that particular situation to them either.

  5. I always pull out a purse/handbag for a special occaision and cringe at the out of date condoms staskhed in it!

  6. I’ve got nothing to share. Very boring, middle aged, married person here! However I have had to prevent the kids from stashing gifts in the bedside table cupboard in the past due to the presence of condoms there – just did not want to have the inevitable conversation that would follow with my children at that time!

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