Five Fabulous Friends

I like to pay it forwards. Well, I like to think I pay it forwards! In reality, when do we do that as much as we want to?


Today I want to share with you five fabulous friends of mine. I haven’t even told them I’m talking about them. Cue evil laugh. A (hopefully) nice surprise to take them through the rest of the week.


Jane – who is a lovely twitter friend studying a PhD that seems to include gamification and psychology.


John – who is an excellent writer. He’s currently wriing a novel and I have the weirdest feeling it will be so good I won’t understand it when it’s published.


Deb from Inner Compass Designs – I meet Deb when her creative practice was more blogging, and it has been a pleasure to be her friend on Instagram and see her evolve into really finding her “thing”.


Vanisha – I love how she has combined her passions and makes a living from it.


Melissa (Hugzilla) – she can’t not be sarcastic and for that  I love her.


Tell me something about a friend of yours! 


3 Replies to “Five Fabulous Friends”

  1. I have a friend who I’ve known for 23 years.
    Jade is extremely talented and the most creative person I know. She’s a letterer, doodler and all round artistic genius. All of which, I am not.
    After living in different towns for 16 years, we finally live in the same one.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh people with those amazing artistic skills are so cool. I wish I could do that stuff!

  2. What a great bunch you’ve picked! I love Hugzilla’s sarcasm. She nails it every time!

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