Why I Don’t Like The Post Office

Why I don't like the post office

Going to the post office works one of two ways for me, without fail. I’m curious to know if this is the case for anyone else too!


Why I Don’t Like The Post Office


Scenario one:

I walk up to the counter with the address & items in my hand. I tell the staff member where I want to send it & how soon.


The staff member sighs and waves theirs hand towards the wall of differently sized envelopes & gives you a look as if to say “Sort your shit out yourself, woman”, followed by begrudging advice on what size to buy.


They tell you to go pick it up, fill in the address details and queue back up to pay for it and get the stamps.


Why I Don't Like The Post Office


Scenario two:

I dutifully look at all the envelopes and choose the one I think suits the speed and size of the item I am mailing. I write the address on the envelope and take it up to the counter to pay for it and the postage. I get up there and they go “Why did you choose this? This other one would be cheaper and does the same thing”. I tell them I guessed. They tell me to just come up to the counter first next time and they’ll help me. See scenario one.


Please tell me this doesn’t only happen to me! I literally alternate what I do and this happens almost every single time.


What am I supposed to do?! What is the proper post office etiquette?


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  1. I use the online AusPost postage calculator which usually sorts me about before I head into the post office. I am happiest at the self serve machines where people do not tell me what I should do. Humans are evil. Do not trust them. 🙂

    1. Oh but do you have to know what it weighs to use that? I don’t own scales of any kind. And there are post office self serve machines?!

      1. I do indeed have scales haha. But if I have a box or other non-branded packaging, I like to go to the self serve machine which weighs your item and then prints off a sticker with a barcode. So you put that on the package (or letter) before placing it in a bin thing.
        I suppose the self serve thing is mostly in busy post offices. I see a lot of them here in Sydney, but not near my mum’s house which is in the middle of nowhere.
        My post office also has vending machines for stamps and pre-paid satchels which is super awesome (that’s why the postage calculator comes in handy).

        1. I have only just started seeing the self service machines! I guess QLD is only just getting them.

  2. Not just you. The queues in our local post office are ridiculous, and inevitably I get to the front only to be told the exact opposite of what I was told the time before. And there’s one staff member who does a lot of sighing and eye-rolling…

    1. It seems to be universal!

  3. I used to hate them cos they were always so busy and you had to queue for ages, but… my little local PO isn’t. Occasionally there’ll be 1-2 people in the queue but not often. Plus they know me now so when they see me they gather my parcels (books!!!) in advance!

    I also asked them about mail-sorting jobs recently as they’re privately owned. They didn’t have anything, but I hope they keep me in mind!

    1. Oh my the days of when I was 17 & the office dogsbody and queuing in CBD post offices – ugh. One that knows you sounds good though.

  4. Yes! I have even gone up to the counter, paid what they told me to and then had it returned for having insufficient postage on it! Bloody post office. Rant over. But yes. I relate to this.

    1. Aah that just takes it one step further into the frustrating pool. How annoying.

  5. This made me laugh so hard because YES. Yeees! Every. Single. Freaking. Time!

    1. Maybe I need to tag the post office online and see what they say haha.

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