Mini Mental Retreat

Mini Mental Retreat

For the past month or so, as part of my attempt to do one thing at a time, I’ve paid a lot more concentration to my attention span than I normally would.


What it has given me is clarity.


One of the things I did was give myself permission to blog less if I wanted. It has worked. Sort of. It has made me want to blog more, but because I can. I dropped back my self-set obligations of Mon-Fri posting for Bloggers and Bacon and dropped it to Tues-Wed-Thurs.


It has made me want to write more on here too.


I feel less overwhelmed. I feel better about goals. I let go of my stupid (stupid because it wasn’t thought out, not stupid because I can’t do it) self imposed deadline to publish my first book for bloggers and Bacon by June 30th. Letting go of that goal has given me clarity and while that goal hasn’t gone, I’ve reprioritised it in my order of what I need to do on that blog.


Mini Mental Retreat


Letting go or changing things can be hard. Regular readers will know that I also write for Kiki & Tea, a lovely site. If you’ve seen the recent post over there, you’ll know the site owner made a hard decision to stop running it as a group site and take it back to being more of her writing. That’s a hard decision. But I believe it is the right decision.


Mentally backing off of things really helps with reality. It helps you to see your goals and priorities. It helps with your why. Look, overall I can be really crap at actually doing one thing at a time. It’s a practice thing for me. Sometimes I’m good at it. Sometimes I’m really not. But what I have learned is that I can do it.


Practice makes perfect.


And that goes for most things in life. Taking a mini mental retreat was good for me. But I’m not good at it. I think I need to schedule reminders in my phone to get it done!


How are you at doing one thing at a time? Has stepping back ever given you  more energy and perspective on a situation?


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  1. This is a fantastic, thank you.:)

  2. Thank you. It means a lot to hear you say it’s the right decision.

    I’ve been trying to focus more keenly on specific tasks and activities and I’ve found batching tasks like Christina & Carly recommended at PB actually helps with doing this.

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