Reality Checks

Reality Checks

I’ve noticed a few people who need a reality check recently. No one seemed to be giving it to them so I kindly and selflessly took on the task of telling these people myself. 


Reality Checks


Bus Drivers

I commute on a very busy & overcrowded route. The bus drivers, however, don’t help. They’ll stop at the wrong places – like where the crowds aren’t queuing (correctly, according to the signs). They let more people get on than they’re allowed to, then yell at people to move back, where there isn’t anywhere to move back to.

And then the passengers – look, I’m sure others hate being squished into a bus as much as I do, but when I’m squished into a bus, I’m not the most thoughtful person of others. My thoughts go on a loop of “I hate this I hate this I hate this”, so when someone squishes me or knocks me off balance with their bag, I want to push them back or snap at them. I don’t, but I really want to.


Reality Checks



Dear person standing near buttons. Please press the damn button when you get in the crowded elevator. Because, you know, when I’m squished against a different wall, my arms can’t actually reach around a dozen people to press the button, and you’re RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Please, please use some basic reasoning skills and press the damn button!!


Anyone in your life need a reality check recently? 


2 Replies to “Reality Checks”

  1. This is what I would write if I was in a bad mood:
    Yes please would the people in front of me on moving escalators not stop as soon as they get to the top or bottom so I crash into them and people behind me crash into me. Simple – Best if you don’t know where you are going, don’t get on.
    However I feel great today so lefts pretend I didn’t say that. However know how you feel.

  2. Married friends with children – while I love them – who think that their parenting experiences are the same as a single’s.

    When I mentioned to a pal the other day how lovely it was to be having some baby-free time in a different city (albeit tor a uni course), she replied “yes, I know EXACTLY how it feels to have a much needed break!” While I adore her to bits, it was a teensy bit frustrating. I’ve literally had one night out in my daughter’s entire 13 months of living. She has weekly catch-ups with friends while her husband babysits. Not quite the same thing!

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