Random 30th Birthday Wishlist

Random 30th Birthday Wishlist

In two months I turn 30. I’m not a huge birthdays or presents person, but it seems to me that I am supposed to want things for this birthday? I don’t know. Anyway.


Random 30th Birthday Wishlist


The Katering Show Apron

Not because I wear aprons really, but just the sheer awesome of this show deserves some support!


Handbag of Holding

I’m actually in two minds about this. I saw someone using it the other day, but it’s also a bit more handbag-ey than I thought it would be. Ok, the real reason is that I don’t need an excuse to carry more crap with me…but also it’s cool and I love ThinkGeek.


Random 30th Birthday Wishlist


Firefly Magnetic Poetry

Because sheer awesomeness doesn’t require an explanation.


A Week Away At A Resort

I don’t even really care where. I just want to chill and having a space of my own to faff about in, to cook if I want (or not cook if that’s how I feel that day). Though, sadly, I doubt I have enough leave at work to take a week off!


When people ask me what I want for my birthday, I actually find it very hard to tell them! Usually I only want big or impractical things (like a holiday) or spare time, which others can’t help me with!


I think I’m not enough of a materialistic person for this post!


What did you get for your 30th (or any other big birthday)? 





4 Replies to “Random 30th Birthday Wishlist”

  1. My 30th is in 2 years and 5 days, and although it seems like an enormous, almost impossible goal right now, I am DETERMINED to visit New York for the first time for it!

    1. That’s a great timeframe to be able to start saving for it!

  2. OMG!!! I want Firefly magnetic poetry!!!! But I don’t really have the fridge space… Oh well, it’s pretty cool!

    1. I am somehow convinced you would find room in your life for Firefly magnetic poetry…

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