#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 20

Do Nothing #2015TheYearOfMe

In my head, it’s about April. Maybe May. And yet here we are, nearly at the halfway point of September. I know years always seem to fly, but this one has had a lot of disjointedness to it for me.


The last three weeks have been fairly crappy with not sleeping, getting the flu and then a sinus infection. And as always, when you’re over it, someone else in your household gets it.


I haven’t been doing my weekly round up “what I loved” posts because I haven’t been doing anything or taking photos. What I have been doing is accepting that sometimes you can’t do anything. And sometimes you need to do nothing.


#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 20: Do Nothing


Do Nothing #2015TheYearOfMe


For me, this has meant video games and TV shows and not much else. It has meant eating roasted chicken drumsticks with potatoes (because it’s the easiest meal that you can ignore and not really have to cook). It has meant being grateful when past me has done things like made lunch or scheduled blog posts.


What does doing nothing mean to you? And how do you recognise when you really need it vs when you should be doing things?


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  1. I had a weekend of doing not much after recognising I was in danger of hitting the wall – and now I feel reinvigorated ready for the week ahead! It’s good to take time out when you need it.

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