Why Is There No Life In Our Lifestyle Blogs?

Why is there no life in our lifestyle blogs?

Sometimes, I think about what I am as a blogger. I’ve wondered where I fit on the personal/lifestyle blog range for a while now. When mothers or fathers day come up, the gift guides start circling, and I wonder, where do I fit in in this world? I’m rarely interested in what is on these lists (which is why, when I did one, I searched mainly for little-known brands to feature) and that makes me feel off to the side a little. 


I’m not anti money making on blogs by far. I’m happy to receive sponsored posts that fit what I like and I think it’s great that one or two sponsored posts pay for a large amount of my blogging costs each year. 


Why Is There No Life In Our Lifestyle Blogs?


But sometimes, things seem flat. And flat is how I’ve felt a little bit about blogs recently. I’ve become more picky about who I follow. There is carefully curating content and then there is being a generic boring blogger. Brands, brands, brands. Styled, styled, styled. Sometimes a blog or social media channel gives me no sense of the person who is behind it. And 99% of the time, that’s why we follow someone on social media or read their blog.


Why is there no life in our lifestyle blogs?


Because, the thing is, a life style is not just about what you can purchase. As evidenced by my 30th birthday wishlist, there’s not a lot I really want to buy. As a “lifestyle” blogger I think that it’s easy to fall into a trap and focus on the style part of blogging and not the life.


A lifestyle is not about what you can purchase. 


It seems like blogs die a slow death of no life.


And by that I don’t mean that the blogger has stopped blogging. The opposite usually. Everything is so curated that there is no personality left. Cue artfully arranged flower overload.


A lifestyle blog needs some life in it.


How do you manage to keep the life in your lifestyle blog?


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  1. Interesting thoughts, I killed my lifestyle blog as I felt it was becoming more than me, as a mother and step mother, I was concerned how much of myself I was giving away, by trying to keep the life in the lifestyle.

    1. I think that’s why I err more to calling myself a personal blogger – because sometimes my lifestyle is lying in bed on the weekend! I’m not going to run around pretending things are different.

  2. Personally I do not follow anything that is ultra curated. Every time I hear about picking an “aesthetic” for your Instagram feed and sticking to it I want to throw up. If I click through and see everything matcha matchy I feel it is inauthentic. I do not want a calculated experience I want natural content that reflects you, your thoughts, your life. People do not need to be as open in their sharing as I am (I share a lot) but if they have an urge to write/share something I hate the thought of someone holding back because it would clash with their brand/image/aesthetic.

    1. I can understand why people with very specific types of blogs might want a particular aesthetic for Instagram – Jadah at ProBlogger with Simple Green Smoothies really is a great example of it being a perfect platform for that business. But I think the need to be that exacting is overkill for 95% of people. I think it’s also very clear when bloggers hold back themselves for their brand image.

  3. I really like your angle in this post and totally see your point. I think bloggers like to create a space that’s something prettier than real life though. Readers gravitate to the prettiness too. I don’t enjoy blogs with depressing topics and overly personal issues for example – too lifey. I would rather read a blog with some nice images of vases and how to style them. I guess it’s a form of escape for everyone.

    1. There is a benefit to having positive and beautiful things in life – absolutely. I guess what this means to me is a person coming across a patch of flowers as they go about their day, not artfully arranging a vase to ensure maximum likes (unless they’re a florist!)

  4. I can totally see your point. I’m ultra picky about who I follow these days for that reason. So much sponsored content that is curated and designed. Sure some bloggers can add ‘story’ to their sponsored posts but to me it still feels manufactured, no matter how pretty the pictures or meaningful the words. I usually click away. But that doesn’t mean I won’t read their blog if the rest of their content is authentic. So I probably pick and choose the posts I read, rather than the bloggers.
    I hope that people find my blog full of ‘life’ so to speak as that’s what the random junk in my head is about – life! lol

    1. I think I take issue with some of what I’ve seen recently as it’s not even sponsored. I mean, yes, you should keep your sponsored posts within the tone of your blog but I can understand if they have slightly different styling to other posts. But these overly curated Instagram lifestyle blog accounts that lack any sense of that person’s actual life are the ones bugging me recently.

      1. Ah yes Instagram Ideal and Pinterest Perfect. Yep. Bores me to tears!

  5. Lots of lifestyle blogs leave me cold. I am picky about who I follow and what I read for that reason- so heavily styled and sponsored that they might as well all be beige.com, you know? Personality and something other than flat-lay pics- more real life- is far more interesting!

    1. There are some things I do “style” more than others – like I knew my recent handback hack was something I would blog so while I was doing it, I made sure to get more photos than I ordinarily would of something like that.
      To me, that is a genuine use of lifestyle blogging.
      It’s a bit like clickbait to me. Maybe styled photos work. Maybe clickbait works. But do you want those people on your blog/Instagram/whatever? 99% of the time, my answer is no. Numbers are pointless if they’re not relevant and interactive humans.

  6. I totally get what you’re saying. I only follow blogs wear I feel that I know and like the person behind it! I’m a wear my heart on my sleeve kinda girl and I think – well I try – to have my blog reflect who I am as a person. I would like to make a little money from my blog to help cover costs but so far $ZILCH except for a few free products (for a review)!!

    1. I think if you stick with it then you will find brands that suit you. But frankly if you’re not in the parenting area, they can feel few & far between sometimes.

  7. When I had my diet blog I shared a heap of personal stuff Vanessa and then I merged my two blogs and since then have struggled a lot more with what I’m prepared to say. I’ve shared a couple more personal posts recently but have almost pulled them many MANY times.

    I think perhaps a lot of people are becoming more conscious of what we’re prepared to share online. Which is probably good and bad.

    1. But in your case aren’t you using your blog as portfolio & personal? That is a hard balance for anyone to manage.

  8. Interesting points Vanessa and I totally get it. I too prefer the more ‘real’ authentic personal blogs and Insta accounts over the obvious curated ones. But I do like a dash of pretty too. Xx

    1. Pretty is always going to be enjoyed – I get that. It’s the balance I like!

  9. I try to keep everything I write and share honest, straight from my real life so it isn’t posed or made up at all. I hope that it comes across as interesting :/

    1. I think a blog that represents all sides is fair – I know I can’t talk for everyone but some days I have my adulthood shit together and other days a toddler could probably do a better job. I think when only see the gloss side it seems too fake.

  10. Well I’m pretty sure you know where i stand on this one too (LOL other than today’s atypical foray into sponsored posts…*ahem*). I like reading about imperfect people with imperfect lives. I can see how the slick kind of blogs have a role to fill and I totally get why they would appeal to people, but I’ve always been the type of person that resonated with things that aren’t popular, mainstream or trendy. I find the margins more interesting.

    1. Haha so you should have reviewed an imperfect microwave? 🙂

  11. I’m quite picky on the blogs I follow, I have limited time and love the ones that inject a bit of humour, have lovely images and a great story or two to share. I also love down to earth and opinionated posts. I admire those that aren’t afraid to put it out there.

  12. I “tried” to be a fashion and style blogger for a while there; but the reality is it just doesn’t interest me enough to help me push out content x times a week or whatever. I dunno if you’d call mine a personal or lifestyle blog but I *never* seem to run out of things to say … in person too … LOL …

    1. Janet that is EXACTLY why I love reading your blog! I do consider you a style blogger and I would never normally read in that niche but I love your honesty, your warmth and your sense of humour. I love that the outfits you choose are things that real people could afford and would wear. And I love that you mix it up with other stuff as well.

  13. I “tried” to be a fashion and style blogger for a while there; but the reality is it just doesn’t interest me enough to help me push out content x times a week or whatever. I dunno if you’d call mine a personal or lifestyle blog but I *never* seem to run out of things to say … in person too … LOL … I belong to the “keeping it real” school of blogging and social media!

  14. I tend to steer toward blogs and bloggers that tell a story. I like to be a fly on the wall and learn about how other people live. I definitely want to read blogs with life in them. Interesting post. #teamIBOT

  15. Yup, I agree. I think stepping away from the computer once in a while is great for the soul and creativity. It’s all about keeping things authentic.

  16. It is hard to balance how much of your own life you should put in your blog. I will usually put a little of that in every post to be honest. My blog is like an everything blog for women, so it isn’t totally personal. I do understand what you’re saying though.

  17. I don’t know if I know what a lifestyle blog is? Is that a personal blog or more like a fashion blog with a bit of travel and shopping stuff chucked in? (Clearly 5 years in I’ve learnt a lot about this blogging game…)

  18. I love stories and I love experiences. I’m not interested in product and in perfection. However, this is what a lot of readers want. They want to escape their own imperfect lives and immerse themselves in pretty things, even if there is little life or soul on offer. This is part of the reason I niched myself out of the personal/lifestyle space. It wasn’t for me (i’m too lazy to learn how to take good photographs and have no time to carefully curate my life!!!!)

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I guess the escapism is something I can’t find myself creating – it’s nice for 5mins but then I get bored and want reality.

  19. “A lifestyle is not about what you can purchase” Love it!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It was the original title for this post – I can’t remember why I changed it! But both work as titles, really.

  20. I know we’ve discussed this in chats and it’s only getting worse in that lots of bloggers just want to sell things but don’t come across as authentic on lifestyle blogs. Mine isn’t a lifestyle blog {though currently I’m not sure if I can call it an author platform either!} but I like blogs that have personality in it and I hope sometimes, mine is authentic enough!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yep, it’s the endless vases of flowers and a perfect desk with a cup of tea… oh wait I fell asleep. Give me personality any day.

  21. You are having fun on this last IBOT.. and why not! Linking up for a last fling IBOT party. I like people who are who they are…not who they pretend they are!

    You are one of those. The real deal.

    Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I wanted to link up posts that were as true back when as they are now. I’m far too lazy to fake being who I am haha. Not sure if that’s always a good thing 😉

  22. I feel like this is even more relevant today than it was when you first write it. I could never be considered a lifestyle blogger, while I do take pretty pictures the stories that go with them are usually never as pretty, LOL! I think some people are able to do lifestyle really well because they’ve managed to infuse themselves in what they do and it comes across. I like reading Smaggle for that reason even though a lot of the things she writes about in terms of “style” totally aren’t for me, I find myself still reading. But she comes across as genuine in everything she writes and that is definitely missing from a lot of lifestyle blogs, that, as you say, life!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I just hope that people inject more personality in – sell what you want, write about what you want – all for it. But make sure you shine through too.

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