Stop Apologising For How Your Food Looks

Stop Apologising For How Your Food Looks

Guess what? Not all food is attractive.


Don’t apologise if you posted a photo of a meal on Instagram and it wasn’t all glossy bullshit. If you liked it, if it tasted good, then post it.


I know that Instagram is a visual medium. But the thing is, not everyone needs to have a glossy Instagram full of shiny photos.


Stop Apologising For How Your Food Looks


It’s ok to let reality in. Unless you’re a food blogger who relies on Instagram as part of marketing, then I say go for it, post ‘bad’ photos of ‘unattractive’ food and file this away under first world problems.


And please, please, don’t apologise if it’s not “attractive”. It’s food. Like us, it comes in all variations. Most of them tasty.

22 Replies to “Stop Apologising For How Your Food Looks”

  1. Haha, my food is rarely attractive but it tastes pretty good!

    1. We need a taste or smell app 🙂

  2. My Instagram feed is a mix of crappy phone shots (more of these) and the occasional good proper DSLR shot. There’s been quite a few unattractive food shots! lol

    1. I love my DSLR but it doesn’t connect via wifi so it’s rare I actually plug it into the computer and could even share the photos I take on that!

  3. I think you’ve comvinced me to share a photo of a pie that I nuked in the microwave a few years back. Neither the pie nor the microwave survived! It’s certainly not a pretty picture!!!!!

    1. Haha share it!! Kitchen fails are always good 🙂

  4. I’m not likely to apologise for how my food looks (unless it looks regurgitated and then I might!) as I generally am more prone to have to apologise for how it tastes!

    I’m so NOT a foodie and eat the same things all of the time and it rarely looks palatable to anyone other than me! (Which is okay!) 🙂

    1. Best caveat ever. I totally agree, apologise for regurgitated food!!

  5. Yep, my food doesn’t always look attractive but it does taste good. x

    1. And that’s what matters 🙂

  6. Thank you. Mine is never good to look at but great… Ok to eat

    1. Haha I’m sure at least some are great and not just ok 🙂

  7. there’s nothing more boring than being apologetic when sharing online. Reeks of insincerity, too!

    1. That’s true…”here’s a glimpse of reality, sorry it’s not perfectly styled”. Like I said, sure if you’re a brand that relies on that to sell, it’s entirely different. But for most random/casual/non commercial users of Instagram….

  8. Haha…my food rarely ever looks attractive. When I cook Indian food in particular, it looks awful. But the taste is what counts!

    1. Mmmm flashbacks to when I lived with an Indian family and ate the best food ever haha. If only I still had that level of spice tolerance!

  9. Some of the ugly messed up stuff is bar far the most tasty! And if someone feels that self conscious about the way it looks, don’t bother posting it all! Just post and feel good about it right?

    1. Stew will never look good but it can taste amazing!

  10. Love it! And so true! It’s all about taste and flavour! And sometimes it’s the most unattractive food that has the most taste.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply


  11. Becky from Becky and James had a hashtag, something along the lines of #uglyfoodisstillfood which I liked. Have you ever tried to photograph home made satay chicken? It looks gross. But tastes amazing 🙂

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh I love that, will have to look up that hashtag!

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