Should And Must

This article on Medium called “The Crossroads of Should And Must” touches on so much of what I have been trying to work out for myself. By someone who is clearly a few steps ahead of me in the game.


Frankly, it’s a book I’ve had in my head for a long time, “Fuck Should”. Mostly just the title, but everything feeds into it in life right now. The current plan is that it will be a series of essays.


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And it brings me back to what my original goals for this year were:

Stable income – so I don’t have to waste my me time on job hunting. So that if we need, we can leave the endless public wait lists and pay for private specialists.

Focusing on me – my #2015TheYearOfMe challenge and the spin offs in blog themes I had in mind that haven’t happened yet because it required that stable income above.


It’s not that I needed that article to teach me. I had a lot of these ideas in my head. Some in similar ways, others fairly different. But it’s nice to hear about others who are taking a journey and the ups and downs and circles for them.


I received opportunities earlier this year that I hadn’t thought possible. Mostly in the form of interviews for jobs. Ones I never knew I was able to get.


It feels crazy to keep looking for these new opportunities. And crazy not to. None of the ones that came across my desk this year were right. I don’t really care about that. I care that they came across my desk and showed me that they could happen.


Where do you sit on controlling life vs letting it come at you? What do you think of the word “should”? 


3 Replies to “Should And Must”

  1. Hate should, must and can’t. But I still feel obligated when I want to feel liberated. It’s a journey isn’t it.

    1. I think practice makes perfect (or functional haha) when it comes to all the shoulds in life.

  2. Ugh, just hearing the word ‘should’ increases my anxiety levels! We should just delete it from our vocab altogether.

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