Time For A Break

Time For A Break

I have an entire 10 days off in a row over Christmas/New Years. I’m so grateful to be in a contract currently that includes leave provisions.


Christmas feels very far away right now but I’m also sure that it will be here before I know it.


The last time I had a holiday, an actual “let’s go away & be tourists” type of thing was a weekend away in Sydney in 2010. You can read about it here.


Since then, my only trips away have been to Straddie for work in 2010, three ProBlogger events down at the Gold Coast & a night at Mount Tamborine for work. Work trips & conferences can be fun (but aren’t always) but they are not a holiday.


I think the last time I had paid leave in a job was about 6 years ago now (notice how that matches with my last actual holiday?!) – all my contracts for so long were effectively casual. As a sole income earner I wonder how much long term stress NOT having leave for half a decade has added to my life.


It still feels so strange to have leave that I can’t process what to do with it. I booked in to take my birthday next week off – paid leave. That sounds so foreign in my head. Paid day off. Paid leave.


I’m currently saving for a new MacBook Air after slightly ruining my old one with a a giant cup of water, but I think the next thing on my list has to be a weekend away again. I honestly don’t know how to make it so Ben can come: our dog needs exact food, a needle and some tablets every 12 hours so kennels are out of the question, and family/dog sitters aren’t usually able to be exact enough on time or confident enough to do the needles – it’s all stuff that we can do without thinking but it’s a huge ask for anyone else. Having said that, he also doesn’t resent me if I need to go away, but it seeing as it has been six years since he’s had even a single night away from home, I kind of think he deserves to come along!


Time For A Break


However, I seriously have no idea where to go! I’m guessing that any time off over Christmas is pointless as accommodation prices will be somewhere up around the moon (haha, more like out to Jupiter) and they have those ridiculous minimum stay restrictions (how about let me pay for what I want? I hate other people telling me what I can or can’t do). A balcony, a view, fresh air and safe place to wander on foot are really my only requirements for somewhere to go away.


A little village somewhere, perhaps? I think I need to decided, because that gives me a specific goal to save up for.


Talk to me about holidays. Do you get them? Do you take them? 


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  1. Yay!!! There’s nothing like looking forward to holidays! Ugh accommodation over Christmas is crazy expensive though!! We’re going to have a little staycation at my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws house – kinda like a holiday, but without the massive cost of accommodation!! Have a great break!

  2. Airlie Beach, Ness! It’s gorgeous and you can hop over to the islands if you want. It’s not too big and not too small. Lovely cheap restaurants and heaps of backpacker bars with live music. There’s a massive free lagoon on the beach. We went there for five years in a row we loved it so much.

  3. Holidays are our thing. We make it our number 1 priority to save for time away. It also helps, greatly, that we both work for ourselves. Whatever you do, I’m sure you will enjoy it so much. X

  4. Funnily enough I was just thinking today that hubster and I won’t really be able to indulge in a weekend away for a while now as the “busy” season is almost upon us. I have my own business so yeah, paid leave, what’s that (and public holidays too!). We had a month in Europe in May; and I took the hubster away for a romantic weekend in July for his birthday, we stayed halfway between Montville & Maleny :-). I will take a couple of weeks off over Christmas because all of my clients seem to close or things grind to a halt so may as well have a break then too. We won’t go anywhere though – too expensive!!!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  5. Oh I really hope you can find somewhere to go. We went to Currumbin a couple of weeks ago which was great. It was off peak season and still pricey-ish though. Maybe you could just do a weekend away to reduce the cost.

  6. Holidays are good but I’ve realised I’m not the biggest fan of really long ones. I went on my longest holiday recently when I visited Canada and the US in June-July. 5 weeks was way too long. I prefer 10 days or so or even weekend getaways. They help me recharge. I’m working over Christmas {2 working days…score!} but considering taking a week off in Jan. I’d like to go somewhere but yeah, prices are crazy. Unfortunately, as my partner now works in a school, we are limited in terms of going on holidays outside of school hols.

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