Food, Glorious Food!

Katsu Don

And it’s time!! The fortnightly “what I ate” time. Hungry, anyone?


chicken and potato wedges roasted
Roasted chicken legs and potato wedges.


Katsu Don lunch
Katsu Don for lunch one day


Lamb chop peas corn egg
Lamb chop, peas, corn & egg.


Tuna tomato sandwich
Tuna & tomato sandwich


Chicken pasta
Chicken pasta with carrot, zucchini and snow peas.


Marinara pasta
Marinara pasta – this is probably one I should blog. It tastes amazing.


Rasin toast
Raisin toast from a cafe at work.


If you want to see what I did/ate for my 30th – that post is over here at my travel blog.


chops and mash
Chops, mash and veg. Simple and good!


GOAT! Ok, it’s not food related but it is CUTE! And could be food one day.



sourdough open sandwich
Sourdough open faced sandwich with cheese, mushrooms and snow peas.


chicken drumstick and wedges
Roasted chicken drumstick and wedges


Chicken burger
Chicken burger with cheese and zucchini


Chicken and Sourdough
Chicken and Sourdough sandwiches


Lamb peas corn egg
Lamb, peas, corn & egg.


Seafood marinara
Seafood marinara pasta in Hoi Sin sauce.


Peanut butter sourdough toast
Peanut butter sourdough toast


Chicken noodle soup
Home made chicken noodle soup.


Chicken and bacon pizza
Chicken and bacon pizza on Lebanese bread.


Tuna egg toasted
Tuna & egg toasted sandwich.


Chicken tender strips
Chicken tender strips.


Cheese onion yogurt
Cheese & onion toasted sandwich (because I forgot tuna) and a yogurt.


So… I guess we should eat less chicken!


What was your favourite? 


4 Replies to “Food, Glorious Food!”

  1. Love marinara, making a mental note to buy some next time I go shopping! Ugh, and now I am craving a toasted cheese sanga, with onion!

    1. It was pretty good! I didn’t miss not having the tuna or anything else to put in it.

  2. Congrats, you’re a food blogger! We love the old chicken strips with various sauces too 🙂

    1. Haha yep, if hastily snapped photos makes one a food blogger.

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