2015 Gift Guide

2015 Gift Guide

Yep, ladies & gents, Christmas is coming. Fast! If you haven’t completed your shopping yet, or haven’t started yet (cough) or have a last minute secret santa to buy for, then have a look below at the unique range of companies and artist that I’ve curated for the 2016 Normal Ness Gift Guide.


2015 Gift Guide

2015 Gift Guide


Just Bedding

Just Bedding is an online retail store that covers bed linen, pillows, cushions, throws and more. They were kind enough to send me a Cordell Cushion and an Ombre Coral Throw. These would make great gifts for anyone who wants to add a flash of colour and style to a room. However, what I really liked these for is their ability to style up an old chair. I think this is a handy style hack that will help if you have impending guests coming for Christmas.


We usually all have a old chair in a spare or guest room that we don’t really notice, but that doesn’t really look great for when guests are coming over. That’s how I decided to showcase the cushion and throw. Firstly, the before:


Before of Chair


See, kinda ugly. Now, this is in our study, so to us, it doesn’t matter much what it looks like. But, if the room is needed for someone else, then the combination of the cushion and throw transforms it:


Just Bedding - style an old chair with a throw and cushion


The Ombre Coral Throw is normally $69.95, but as of the time of writing, is on sale for only $46.87. It’s a very soft, delicate and comfy knitted acrylic. It also comes in Ombre styles in turquoise, citrus and indigo, so I think there would easily be one to work in with your decor. The Cordell Cushion was originally $49.95, but again, at the time of writing – it’s only $19.95.


Just Bedding - style an old chair with a throw and cushion


Much nicer! Plus, if you like it, you can put a pin on it:


Quick Home Hack Style An Old Chair from JustBedding.com.au


You can follow Just Bedding on Facebook or browse their website.



Hammamas are a stylish specialist shop in cotton towels. They sent me an original grape towel so I could tell you all about it. I love that they are high quality towels that are made using traditional techniques. Their range is really impressive, too. You can see the original style in my photos below, which comes in 34 different colours. That’s just of one range! I also love their clash range – they would be perfect for weekends away at the beach – and easy to find your place on the sand. The majority of their ranges, including the Original range, are $39.95 each, the Jumbos are $69.95 and the Luxe range are $125 each.


Hammamas Turkish Towel


They’re a really versatile item; take a look at all the things you can use them for:


How to use a Turkish Towel


I’ve been a fan of turkish towels for a long time – and if you’ve been here before or follow me on social media, you know we live by the beach and love our outdoor BBQs. It’s a great lifestyle and the Hammamas towel has fitted right in:


Hammamas Picnic Rug


Turkish towel being used at the beach for a BBQ dinner


If you visit the beach often (or swim, travel or gym) then the turkish towel will be a great addition.


Hammamas Turkish Towels


You can find Hammamas online, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Raven and Wren

If you’re in the market for handmade jewellery, look no further than Raven and Wren. An Australian handmade jewellery store, Raven and Wren has a small but excellent collection.


My pick from the store is the sterling silver Happy necklace:


Raven and Wren Happy Necklace


You can find Raven and Wren at the store, on Facebook and on Instagram.


Jess Crawford Art

I came across Jess thanks to a mutual Facebook group. Jess is a mixed media artist. It’s hard to pick exactly what I liked on her store, (partially because I don’t have a good grasp of explaining what I like in art), but mostly because I think I liked it all!


If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, then my choices from her store would be:


The Imagination Painted Moleskin Journal:

Imagination Painted Moleskin Journal


Rainy Days Are Good For The Soul journal:

Rainy Days Journal



You can find Jess at her website, her online store and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Lemonee On The Hills

Lemonee On The Hills is a photography based artist based in California – which means gorgeous photos!


My picks from the store are:


Wood Ornaments/Gift Tags:

LemoneeOnTheHills Gift Tags Ornaments


The Vision and Goals Notebook:

LemoneeOnTheHills vision goals notebook


You can find them at their website, as well as on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


What’s your pick from above? Which gift would you like to receive? Tell me about who of your friends/family match one of the gifts above!


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  1. Love the ‘Happy’ necklace, need to remind myself often that I need to choose happy over grumpy xx N

  2. I love the Happy necklace. Because my goal in life is to be happy …

  3. Oh I think my pick would be the Jess Crawford art. I already have some Turkish towels – love them! The Happy Necklace would be my second pick! 🙂

  4. OMG that coral throw is da’ BOMB. And the Happy necklace is super cute too (bonus points for the wooden tags – gorgeous!)

  5. I love those Turkish towels. They look awesome

  6. Love the graphic cushion, very funky. Putting a Turkish towel on my list now :).

  7. Lots of lovely things … I think they would all be perfect for ME! But if I had to pick one, I’d go for the cushion. I am obsessed with cushions. We have thousands (according to the hubster) / never enough (according to me). Just love how they bring colour, pattern and comfort to a home.

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  8. Ooh I do like the happy necklace, but I think the turkish towel is my top pick. Great selection.

  9. Jess Crawford art is gorgeous!

  10. I’ve not heard of the Turkish towel – they look great!

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