The Royals Are Real?

On my way to work the other month I was listening to the radio and they were talking about how Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were in Australia. They were talking about how it’s funny that our technical leaders come about their position by birth.


And it kind of hit me.


The Royals are real?


I don’t mean to say they’re all lizard serpents over ruling the galaxy (or whatever the cool conspiracy kids say these days) but in my highly sleep-deprived state at the time, it really hadn’t crossed my mind that they were real. It sounds so stupid. “Well, you were born to this family, so you get to be a ruler, and you were born to this family, so who cares?


Of course, the next question I have, especially given the revolving door of Australian politics, is: Is it any less stupid to have people chosen by birth?


I mean, overall – yes. But some days when we’re spilling left, right and centre… it doesn’t seem so damn far-fetched. At least it would be stable.





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