I Have No Goals For 2016

I Have No Goals For 2016

January and the internet means an over-abundance of talking about goals, goal setting strategies, words for the year, intentions for the year and which one of those you should set.


I Have No Goals For 2016


But here’s the thing. I have no goals. In 2015 I had a goal of a stable, quiet year. Karma, the Universe or whatever you do or don’t believe in heard that intention and 2015 was an uphill marathon.


This article got shared a lot recently, including by me, and for good reason. It approaches goals, wants and needs from an actual sensible and realistic perspective, rather than the pseudo-life coaching type crap that gets spread in January.


The reality of that article sticks with me. I’m so sick of hearing “Oh you didn’t want it enough if you didn’t get it”. I mean, really? There are a billion fucking variables in any single day. You can do all the things right in the world and fail. That is a reality.


Uphill marathons aren’t all bad. Despite all the shit and change of 2015, I have complete satisfaction with how I handled things. That is the same with failures. They teach you things. You learn from them.


2015 is what has scared me off of making a goal. But is not making a goal the same as making a goal? By taking it easy and doing things as and when I want to, isn’t that the same as making a goal of a quiet year? Is it a passive goal instead of an active goal? Is it an action or intention instead of a goal?


I Have No Goals For 2016


Are goals just a way we fool ourselves into thinking we have control over this crazy thing called life?


I’m torn. Maybe I’ll know in a few months time what I feel and want from 2016. Because, amongst all the advice in the world, goals can change, and goals can start at any time of any year. For now, I’ll just ride the wave and see where it takes me.


Do you have goals for 2016?


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15 Replies to “I Have No Goals For 2016”

  1. Mine are not year by year, they’re life by life – opps, only get one. So just ongoing. And I’m good with that, but I’m not a life coach, so you know…it’s probably a fail. Try to be happy (that’s a win/win every time). That’s a big enough goal for me.

  2. I think it’s perfectly fine to change goals as life situations change. January works for me in terms of goal setting not just because it’s a new year but also because my birthday is in Jan and so for me personally, it’s a new year in life. I don’t believe in the crap of not wanting it hard enough because trust me, there are things I’ve wanted badly and worked my arse off for and well, circumstances dictate otherwise. Goals or no goals, I think that’s a choice for each individual. Should they be at the start of the year? Nah.

  3. Good for you Ness! If goals don’t really work for you, then why torture yourself. I find that I need the structure of having some goals. I don’t always achieve them, but I figure that even if I get halfway, I’ve achieved more than I would have if I didn’t have any. But that’s just me. Best wishes for a better year in 2016 🙂

  4. I’ve learnt to keep my goals general and then if & when I am ready, I set more concrete plans around them. I don’t like to set myself up for failure and feeling bad about myself. I agree with you though – I have learnt a lot from past mistakes!

  5. I really think that goals are a personal thing and being in the moment is more important instead of being too preocupied with long term goals.

  6. Please tell me I’m in control. I need control. I want control. Argh you’re scaring meanness

  7. Please tell me I’m in control. I need control. I want control. Argh you’re scaring me ness

  8. You know they probably are just ways to make us feel in control. I never really thought of it that way. I do love feeling in control {even though most of my “goals” are more about going with the flow}.

  9. I joined in the one word thing last year and after about 3 weeks I forgot it…then this year I went along with it again as it made me think more about how my life over the past year or so has been for me. As for goals, as I outlined on my blog today, I have a couple of minor ones relating to blogging. Just to keep me keeping on. I think there can be a lot of FOMO on SM about things like words. affirmations etc and to be honest, the research says they are almost meaningless! You have followed what you believe in. Good on you! Denyse

  10. I think riding the waves is a perfect way to approach the year! I do set goals, more short term ones than long term but I do not do resolutions!

  11. I’m with you Ness, it’s hard to make goals because who knows what tomorrow – next week – next year will bring? I’m flat out coping with day to day life myself! I wouldn’t say I’m totally aimless though, I’m just not big on goal setting and planning. I’m enjoying this ride called life!

  12. I know what you mean. I love the comfort of plans but they mostly seem to go AWAL. We have some goals as a couple but my personal ones are a little looser and will happen or not and it is fine either way.

  13. I’ve set pretty major goals for this year because I felt so out of control last year. While things happened that couldn’t be helped (and they will still happen) I can control how I react to them. Last year I just gave up. This year I want to work through whatever life has in store for me and move forward. There are no guarantees but I want to at least give it my best shot.

  14. Riding a wave sounds great. I think like everything in life there are many paths to take. Options abound. Some people need goals to motivate them, others like to go on feeling, and others like to make it up as they go. All good xx take your time.

  15. Call me lazy, I have no goals. There is a part of the internet that says “live in the now”, “be positive”. Making goals is just setting myself up for failure, and the sure fire way to make me feel like shit because I didn’t quite get there. I’ll take my daily wins, and give myself a pat on the back when it is due and try my best to get through the day without losing my shiz for now! Have a kick arse 2016 Ness x

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