In My Handbag

In My Handbag

Well this is one loaded topic. Especially as I’m currently trialling a backpack instead of a handbag. But, close enough! I scored a Crumpler backpack in immaculate condition the other weekend for $8.50 (RRP$245). Can I say, score? I’ve been lusting after some Crumpler gear for a while now, but their prices are far too high for me. Plus, they are heaps cheaper in the US and that annoyed me because they’re an Australian company. But hey, I love a second hand bargain so for now, all is forgiven.


In My Handbag


I carry very different things on me for work/commute days vs weekend. But on the weekend it’s as little as possible, so a photo of a wallet, keys and phone isn’t really all that interesting for me to share with you. Hence, insight into my weekday bag. In some ways, I don’t really understand how some people commute to day jobs with just a tiny bag. I carry quite a few things with me. Mostly because it’s an expense to buy them when I could have just been prepared and had them on me.


In My Handbag



For these reasons, I still nearly always carry a portable medication kit with me. It pretty much lives in whatever my work bag is, to make sure that I don’t get stuck out without relief for a headache. Critical for someone with lousy sinuses like me! I also keep a small amount of tampons and liners on me. Mostly so that I don’t have to remember to put it in my bag when I do have my period.


I also have a power bank for my phone, an iPhone charging cable, business cards and headphones in a small bag.


In My Handbag main section
The main section of my bag is where my wrap, food, folder and notebooks go. It generally looks like a mess. Like that!


The heaviest & bulkiest items in my bag during the week are food related. I’m hit and miss with breakfast at home, but I do always eat breakfast. That, combined with the snacking my dietitian wants me to do, means that I often carry breakfast, lunch and two snacks with me. Plus a waterbottle and often a can of sugar free softdrink. It’s also why I swap work bags often. Most women’s bags don’t seem to be designed to carry things comfortably, even if they technically fit it all in. I’m looking at you, oversized totes with thin, puny straps!


MacBook Air in Crumpler bag
My MacBook Air has its own padded, zipped section. It’s usually also in a sleeve that holds the power cable too.


I’ve been taking my laptop to work with me more and more – I have a goal of getting three months ahead in my blogs, so working on my commute and in my lunch break really allows for me to get ahead. Though I’m not sure my tethered data connection will stand up to the usage. Even on days I don’t take my laptop, I always have my folder of ideas, schedules and a notebook on me. I work better when I can scribble things down and look at a plan in front of me.


And that’s what’s generally in my handbag. Or backpack. Nothing particularly exciting, I’m sorry.


Do you carry anything unusual in your bag?


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16 Replies to “In My Handbag”

  1. Amazing bargain there! Well played. Sounds like a lot of stuff to carry but very practical for saving money. Buying food on the go can really add up.

    1. SO much money is saved if I take everything from home food-wise. But it does make it heavy and means I need a proper backpack like this to make it practical.

  2. I only kept the one designer bag out and packed the rest. It now carries a variety of interesting contraptions that have helped one way or another in the move. I really must get around to emptying it and unpacking the rest of my bags.

    1. Moving day bags are a whole other category. Usually I don’t carry toilet paper with me but I do on moving days!

  3. Wow that’s organised… So many posts. Good on you. I need to upgrade my computer so can start using it again

    1. Well in theory haha. I’m not quite there yet but if I want to study this year I think I will need to put in some hard yards to get ahead to free up time!

  4. Very practical Ness. I try to take food with me too as I can never be guaranteed that I’ll find something suitable for my dietary requirements. Plus now I’m on a pretty tight budget it makes sense to bring my own and save money! Thansk for playing along this week x

    1. Dietary requirements for my husband is why I used to use a bigger bag on weekends. But I like my small one so I told him to find his own bag haha.

  5. To be honest, I really don’t go enough places to have a properly organised handbag, working from home does that. The only time I use it is to go to the shop or for coffee with a friend so all that’s really in it is my phone, purse, tissues and lipstick. BUT…when baby comes in July, I’ll be reverting right back to a nappybag/handbag/suitcase/rubbish tip.

    1. Haha yeah I guess you can’t go minimalist with a baby!

  6. Wow that’s an awesome deal! I’m useless at remembering to put extra stuff I need day to day in my bag. I waste so much money because of it too.

    1. It’s the money aspect that kicked my ass along into doing most of this.

  7. You really are organised Ness. My bag is always full of squished up shopping dockets and there are often weird things the kids put in it. Good job on the bargain back-back and especially getting so far ahead with your blogging!

    1. The advantage to having a new backpack is inspiration to keep to cleaned out haha. I don’t know how long that will last 🙂

  8. I no longer have to travel to Uni or have needs for grandkids in a bag so I have a shoulder bag that goes over one shoulder as I like my bag to be in front of me for access. In it is some small items in a tiny purse, my wallet, tissues, my phone and keys. I adore the size and lightness these days!

  9. Mine is not particularly exciting either, only to say it will fit a bottle of wine! Now a days mine only has to fit my purse, notebook, sunnies and a bottle of water. If we are going further (with the kids) I take my market basket. Much more mummy friendly, plus my canon camera.

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