Portable Medication Kit

Portable Medication Kit

I nearly always keep a small stash of medications on me. Most of the time I won’t need them, but I’d rather sacrifice a small bit of weight in a bag than get an allergy attack or migraine and not have any of the medications on me. I hate pain! Obviously, what I carry is specific to my needs and where I live. I’m sure you know your own medical conditions and what you should keep on you. You can always ask a question at your GP if you don’t know what would suit you to carry with you.


Portable Medication Kit


Having a handbag medication kit in one place is really handy, because you can easily swap it to a camera bag, car kit, in flight kit, camping or hiking kit…the key being portability so it really suits any situation.


I keep my kit in a small purse/pouch that came with a bag I bought with my lotto winnings.


Portable Medication Kit
Lip balm included here for scale.


As you can see, it’s a fairly small pouch, but it fits everything I need. Keeping it small also encourages you to not carry anything excess to your needs. The point of medications I carry is very much simple first aid, but without going into bandaging. Having said that, I do have slightly dodgy ankle tendon, so if it has been bad recently, I add a wrap bandage to my bag in case I need it.


Medication Kit Contents
Contents of my medication kit.


Contents of my medication kit:

  • Polaramine. I don’t take daily antihistamines because I find they don’t work very well for me, so I carry a fast acting one on me to use as needed.
  • Painkillers. Mix of ibuprofen, paracetamol and both or either of those with codeine. Chop out 2-4 tablets from the pack so you don’t have to carry bulky packaging.
  • Tampons. Because no one wants to be caught without a tampon when they need one.
  • Pseudoephedine. I keep this one in its original packaging because although it’s legal and my GP prescribes it for me, it’s a contentious drug due to people using it to cook up other drugs. Or something. I’m not all up on the specifics, I just know it’s now a pain the the ass for me to get it.
  • SM33 gel. I had some wisdom tooth pain, then an infection, the other year and found that this stuff was great to numb the pain while I waited for painkillers to kick in. I really hate wisdom tooth pain!
  • Dettol antiseptic cream. I’m rarely brand loyal but this stuff is kick ass. It covers pretty much anything you could need. From the back of the tube: cuts, scratches, abrasions, insect bites, minor burns, sunburns, sore lips, minor skin infections, chapped roughened hands and cracked itchy skin. Seriously, this stuff is great. Buy it. Living in mozzie-infested Brisbane I keep this in my pocket at BBQs in summer.
  • Bandaids. Ok, they’re not in there because I’ve run out, but a few bandaids for cuts or blisters is a basic. I prefer the fabric kind because they stay on better (even for new, rubbing shoes) and I can be mildly allergic to plastic ones.


Portable Medication Kit
It all fits easily in the small pouch.


Other things that you may want:

  • Tissues. If I get an allergic reaction (or someone smokes within a few metres of me) I can start sneezing and take a while to stop. Needless to say, I usually have a few portable packs of tissues in my bag.
  • Hand sanitiser. Sprays, gels, wipes – the method is up to you but a good thing to carry around in flu season.


Note: If this is something you want to use for an in-flight/travel medication kit, then make sure you comply with country regulations on medications. I’m not an expert, but some things to consider are:

  • needing letters from your GP regarding medications that may be illegal or more restricted in other countries,
  • needing to keep the medications in their original packaging.


How do you keep your medications organised on the go?


8 Replies to “Portable Medication Kit”

  1. At the moment, my nappy bag holds all the medication, but this is a great idea for when I no longer carry a nappy bag around with me. Visiting from Open Slather 🙂

    1. Nappy bags look like they could hold the entire pharmacy 🙂

  2. You’re like me in that I hate pain as well, and like you I have a medication bag that I can swap and change into any bag. Makes it so much easier and I don’t have to worry if asthma or allergies rear their ugly heads!

    1. It’s just so handy. I don’t necessarily worry if I duck out with just a phone, wallet and keys, but there is a certain level of peace of mind by having it on me.

  3. A great idea, but not if you have wee ones like me, they’re likely to help themselves when I’m not looking and stuff a tampon up their nose in public! But good idea to keep all in the one stop – visiting from Alicia’s OSM

    1. Haha, no wee ones here, so I don’t have to worry about that! 🙂

  4. I love the idea of having a small purse to use for any situation, I need to get onto this. All I have is a few bandaids, a couple panadols and a couple tampons just chucked in my side pocket of my handbag. Love the dettol cream tip, have to buy some of that 🙂

    1. The dettol cream is amazing!! I used to carry a separate bite cream for mozzies, then I read the back of the tube and realised how multipurpose it is. Best part, I think it’s only $3-4 in the supermarkets, so it’s affordable too.

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