I Have Taser Beams For Eyes Now


Yep, it’s true. I have taser beams for eyes now.


I had a CT scan this morning to see what’s going on in my head. (Waits for “nothing” jokes.) Specifically, to see what’s going on in my sinuses. My new drugs have helped a great deal but a) the nasal spray can’t be used beyond short-mid term and b) the antihistamines are drowsy. They don’t affect me much, certainly not to impact on my day, but I can still feel a difference in energy levels.


Anyway, I’ve had CTs before but never “looked” as it happens. It’s weird. The sign thing says not to look directly at the laser (which I think is used for aligning you) so I’ve just always keep my eyes shut. The CT tables move so smoothly I have no idea when I’m in or out (or shaking it all about) the machine itself. I had no idea that I had stopped moving or that the door had opened until I felt someone unstrapping my head.


BUT, the real reason I’m talking about this is the whirring noise that the CT machine makes. Oh it’s so cool. It makes me think that I am being made into a superhero and will come out of it more awesome than I am now. I posted thoughts to that effect on my Facebook account this morning and a friend asked me what superpower I might get. I thought about flying and teleportation (I was commuting at this stage) then thought about tasers. I’m pretty good at glaring at people but I think if I had tasers for eyes it would take this to a whole new and awesome level.


What superpower would you take after being in a radioactive machine?


I Have Taser Beams For Eyes Now


This week seems to be the week for ALL THE THINGS. In addition to the CT scan, we had a scheduled vet appointment last night for Vala’s blood tests to get more medication. We mentioned her occasional incontinence and after doing an examination, the vet said she probably has a bladder infection and asked if we’d noticed her urinating blood. We said no. Despite the bladder not feeling full, we attempted a urine sample for the vet … which came out red. So, uh, yeah. Bladder infection. Cue a month of antibiotics for the dog. That’s in addition to her seizure meds and insulin. After the cost of two blood tests, a urine test, seizure meds, antibiotics and a box of needles… we walked out $500 poorer. Thankfully our vets are really nice and charged our half hour visit as an under 5min visit due the massive size of the bill. I still feel very, very poor now.


Oh yeah, and last night I also handed in my essay for the semester, which means that I have officially completed uni for the semester. Holy shitballs, I survived it. That was one of the hardest essays I have ever written.


3500 words on:

Identify a recent industrial or agricultural environmental disaster (eg, Bhopal disaster; Exxon Valdez oil spill; Ok Tedi mining in Papua New Guinea). What links can be made between the disaster and neoliberal policies and practices promoted through world institutions (eg, World Bank; International Monetary Fund; World Trade Organisation) and by influential Western governments (eg, USA; Canada; Britain; Australia)?


I posted on Facebook last night all of the journals I referenced in this essay:

Medicine, Conflict, Survival.
Scientific American.
The Social Contract.
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce.
American Behavioural Scientist.
Total Quality Management & Business Excellence.
Capitalism, Nature, Socialism.
Journal of Psychiatry.
European Journal of Anthropology
Journal of Business Ethics.
Social Science Research.
Crime, Law and social change.
Social Science & Medicine.




And that’s obviously not including all the articles I read and didn’t need to cite.


Lessons here…well…don’t take a double credit point postgrad unit while starting a new job. It is tough.


Oh, and just in case that isn’t enough, my car is finally getting its service tomorrow. A mobile mechanic is going to do the job for me so I have to commute the very long way to and from work, using entirely public transport. Yuck!


All of these things have been hanging over me for weeks and bugging me, so it’s really nice to finally have them getting out of the way. It’s a bit of a busy start to the week but that’s just how the appointments worked out!


What have you been up to?


13 Replies to “I Have Taser Beams For Eyes Now”

  1. I read a book on the Bhopal disaster several years ago. What an absolute tragedy, and some of the stories have stayed with me ever since. And fuck neoliberalism. Fuck it to hell.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I chose Exxon Valdez just because I knew a bit about it and figured there would be lots about it in journals by now. And boy, after a semester of this type of topic I just look at everything and go “Yep, I can see how neoliberalism caused that”.

  2. Wowsers! That assignment would have sent me straight to the student pub. I bet you do really well. Super-powers..hmm, I think to eat chocolate and not get side effects like weight gain. Or being invisible? That would be fun

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I certainly had a few wailing “WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS” moments during the writing of the essay. And on that topic, I have ingested an unhealthy amount of chocolate in the writing of the essay 🙂

  3. All the things always come at the same time. Hope your puppy feels better and that the service is uneventful.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      She’s already being brattier after only a few doses of antibiotics, so that’s a good sign.

  4. I’m interested to know what they found out about your sinuses. My husband always has terrible trouble with his. He had his first operation on his nose when he was about 18 and thinks he has polyps in there now. Sounds painful. I hope you can get on top of things without too much pain or stress.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I had CTs a few years ago that showed my sinuses were fine. Then they got distracted by scar tissue in my brain from an accident as a kid and got side tracked from the sinus issue. I’ve done a brief bit of googling on polyps and it seems they can be recurring and need more than one surgery. I’m also prone to tonsillitis and on a wait list for an ENT. So basically I need my entire head re-plumbed! The pain is manageable by OTC meds usually, but it’s a very irritating type of pain.

  5. Congratulations on surviving the semester!
    If I could have a superpower, it would definitely be invisibility!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Thanks 🙂 I’ve always wondered if the attraction to invisibility would wear off…but probably less so for introverted types 🙂

  6. That explains why I have never been to university. Well done on finishing your essay and semester. I should be a total super woman after a month of radiation. Feel better soon xo

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Ha yes, if I can become a superhero after a CT scan then you are superhero of the freaking world, man. I think that means you don’t have to choose a superpower, you’re allowed all of them.

  7. Yay for end of semester! As for my super power – I’d love to be able to fly or teleport too.

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

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