Random Weekend Chats From My Car #2

Random Weekend Chats From My Car #2

Here’s some stuff from my weekend…including my latest, very serious, and very important video blog from my car.


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #2


Friday Night


Ben: how do you make BBQ sauce?
Me: put a BBQ in a blender, duh.

While Watching Star Wars Episode 3:


Me: *snorts & chokes at a scene*

Ben: do I need to learn the dark side so you don’t choke?

Me: they’ve framed and lit that scene very bold and the beautiful…. It’s bold and the freaking beautiful with lightsabers

Movie: “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”

Me: Dude…that is an absolute. Bloody Jedi. 


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #2




I’ll let the video blog explain…



Sunday Morning


Backstory…I have been lusting after the Handbag of Holding from Think Geek for years. I decided to treat myself to *something* recently, and didn’t know what. I decided the bag could be it. Specifically, the DragonScale one (because it’s ethically sourced from dragons). They are on sale too, so I was all yay. Until I remembered that shipping from the US costs a shitload. A $30 shitload, to be exact. I decided I can’t buy a bag when the postage is nearly the same cost. Sad.


So I was stuffing around on Gumtree Friday night and came across a very similar bag. Um, score! Sunday was collection day. Which is when things got weird.


It started off with me needing to go to an ATM for a $20 note to buy the bag I was talking about off Gumtree. I’m not hugely familiar with where my banks ATMs are ever since I left ANZ after they fucked me over at the end of last year. I went a small local strip of shops first, as I could have sworn my bank had an ATM there.


There was a sign for an ATM in the small local grocer, so I thought “oh maybe it’s in there” and went in. Nope, just a usual for profit ATM. I wandered along the outside of the strip of shops & found an ATM. “Cool, that must be the one on the ‘find an ATM’ app.” Put in my card and PIN …then it tells me it wants to charge me $2.80 for the transaction. Um, no!


I drove to a (closed) branch of my bank because I knew there was an ATM there. Twice, I had to cancel the transaction because it was like the ATM had frozen and couldn’t process the transaction (yes, I’ve reported it to the bank via a contact form, just in case there were skimmers or something). Finally got cash out at the customer service counter at Coles instead, for which the staff member looked pissy at me. Probably because I wasn’t buying anything.


Left the shops and drove to the street to pick up the bag…only the address was a unit & the street was all houses. It was a small street so only one of the numbers given to me via email was actually on the street. The address was small_number/big_number. Decided to knock on the small_number house anyway, not expecting much.


Asked for the person by name & the guy who answered said “oh she doesn’t live here any more”. Then proceeded to tell me her new address. She had given me the wrong street. I said “wow, that’s unusual, someone knows where the previous person lives!” (Apparently it was the guys daughter. Which explains it.)

I drove to the correct street, which does have units, and went to the house…how awesomely convenient was it that even though I was given incorrect street, the numbers were the same so that it still worked out. 


Anyway, I got the bag. Yay! Have a look at the pretty:


Kate Hill Overnight Bag Front


Kate Hill overnight bag flat


It’s a Kate Hill over night bag (or baby bag, I think it’s this one here), which is perfect for the amount of stuff I carry to work each day.


What has gone on for you this weekend?


17 Replies to “Random Weekend Chats From My Car #2”

  1. I’ve got a great Kate Hill overnight/baby bag too. Electric blue. I love it!
    Thanks for joining the Lovin’ Life Linky

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh electric blue sounds awesome!

  2. Oh I love my handbags of holding (yes I have two). I do a huge ThinkGeek order twice a year and buy presents for everyone including myself 😛

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I used to do a joint order with friends so we could all split the shipping cost…but that takes a lot of organising and I just wanted to buy a bag and that’s it.

  3. So glad you got it in the end. Why can we never find an ATM when we need one!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think not knowing where ATMs are was the worst part of switching banks. I knew where all the old ones were in nearly every part of Brisbane!

  4. Put a BBQ in a blender, that is genius 😀 Love the bag, just the sort of thing I buy x #kcacols

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It has been great for carting stuff to work.

  5. Cute post, great bag. I bet everything will fit in there perfectly. Love the pockets on the outside. #KCACOLS

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      They’re great for my public transport pass!

  6. You have much more patience than me! Great bag! And I totally agree with you… those cup holders need to be adjustable! X

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I really wanted the bag haha

  7. its been a busy weekend of playdates, family do’s and sunday dinner with the besties – busy but good. #KCACOLS

  8. This bag looks lovely. I have never heard of this brand.Where did you get it from?


  9. oh no, what a faff on for the bag ey! #KCACOLS

  10. Oh I’m glad you managed to get the bag! That is great! It has lots of pockets so super practical! I like big bags too. Thanks for sharing this at #KCACOLS.

  11. Good call about the absolutes quote! Also I love that bag!

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