7 Years Ago

Graduation Day

A couple of days ago, Facebook brought up a memory from 7 years ago…my graduation from my bachelor’s degree. I actually graduated off-kilter to everyone I know, so I had no friends from my course there. I had to take a summer semester unit (which I actually really loved in the end, even if it was while working full time at my graduate job) because I failed a unit that was horrible and I should have just dropped out of, but I didn’t.


Anyway, here are the photos!


Me blurrily graduating – walking across stage to get my degree.


Hats off
The closest I come to a serious photo. Yes, that’s me shoe-less on what I call a UFO.


Graduation gown
The gown was kind of annoying on my throat. So it made me even more serious.


Fingers crossed for semester 2 going well this year and I may be attending another graduation later this year…



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  1. Does it feel like 7 years? I’ve been looking at old photos this week wondering where the time went.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yes and no! It feels like I only just graduated but also a LOT of things have happened in my life in 7 years.

  2. Whoop whoop! I love the fb memories. It’s funny how much you forget…

  3. Those FB memories are good to remind us of the hard work we’ve done and we’ve come aren’t they? It’s always good to acknowledge our achievements because it’s so easy to forget sometimes x

  4. They are good fun photos. Great memories for you. I do love how facey sends me reminders of memories.

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