Unbelievable Life

Unbelievable Life

Last night, when doing literally nothing (ok, watching a Friends rerun on TV while playing a game on my phone, because that’s my idea of doing nothing) I had an idea. I had a flash back to a situation I was in once. Not situation as in negative, but situation as in unusual place I was at with an unusual (for me) few people. I actually don’t know if the people there a) read this blog or b) know the full story themselves so I’m afraid I’m not expanding much and talking very theoretically!


Unbelievable Life


Unbelievable Life


I wondered if I should use the situation as the basis for a story. It is kind of unique and might make a good story. Probably because I had Friends on in the background, I wondered if it would make a good sitcom scenario, or maybe a short movie.


But then I wondered, would anyone believe the situation if it was the basis of a sitcom? I started thinking of ways to use it as an outline and expand on it, but it was such a unique situation that expanding on it felt like I would have to inflate things so wildly to keep telling a story that it would descend into soap-opera terrible-ness level.


I figured I could do some kind of artsy flashback thing, but I don’t think it would have the momentum for that. The story would stall.


But still, there is something to this story. It’s deep. It’s dark. It’s quiet when it should be loud. It’s secretive. There is value to it somewhere here.


In this memory that is now largely a sense and not specifics of the hours that the situation lasted for there is something that needs to be drawn out. But I don’t know where, when or how.


Do you have something from your life that you’d like to develop into a story, only it would be entirely unbelievable if anyone read it?


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  1. The best authors write about what they know!
    I have a few episodes in my life that I could definitely draw on for a chick lit style story. A few Bridget Jones moments.
    You should do it. Just start writing, My dad once gave me this advice about something totally unrelated to your post (but it fits here too): Don’t question it mate, just go with it.
    So, Just go with it!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It sounds like I need to just get it out, doesn’t it?

  2. I agree – just start writing.My first of the month fiction stories are usually something i see in the street or hear on a train and then I turn it into something more. Ok, usually something dark and angsty but the start is usually something completely innocuous.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I guess that’s where I’m struggling. Maybe I don’t feel that this is innocuous enough to write about.

  3. Well now that you’ve spilled this much, you MUST share! All of my interest is there.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha sorry 🙂

  4. I agree with Jody. You have to write it now, simply because I want to know what happened! Hmph.

  5. I’d love to hear all about it; you’ve made me curious already!! 🙂

  6. Intriguing – I agree with the others, just write and see what comes out. We’ll be on the edge of our seats now.

  7. Aren’t all stories based on life stories, however loosely? You’ve piqued my interest now, I think you should start writing/bean spilling with immediate effect!

  8. I think it’s a story that needs to be told, regardless of it’s believability Ness – do it!

  9. Oh yes! Definitely have many of those experiences! Go for it! Write them down. If for any reason other than it will be cathartic!

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