Bed Clothes

Bed Clothes

I  know this week’s I Must Confess prompt is about what I wear to bed…but it got me thinking.


Bed Clothes


Bed Clothes


I hadn’t really made the connection that bed clothes were for the bed, rather than for the human in the bed. But you can think about the term “bed clothes” that way. Which leads me to asking…


So…what would a bed wear?


Do you think your bed would wear skirts? Pants? Heels or flats? Cotton or silk?


I think my bed would wear a fitted, but not tight, cotton dress most of the year. Throw a snuggly thick-knitted cardigan over it during winter and that would be the most.


I guess that’s like me. Not so much the dress part but the relative simplicity of clothes (for bed or not). I want things to be comfy, effective and to not spend much time thinking about them.


What would your bed wear? Is your bed an expression of how you wear clothes or is it a complete opposite? 


6 Replies to “Bed Clothes”

  1. My bed would wear a sort of wistful resignation that it’s never going to look like one of those beds in a glossy interiors mag with pretty covers and strategically placed pillows. In fact, it’s wearing that right now.

  2. My bed is definitely not posting daily style shots on Instagram, I can tell you that.

  3. oh how I like your ‘take’ on the prompt! Well my bed got a new outfit last week…new fitted and top sheet. She (I think my bed is female as I sleep alone in it..long story, complicated but OK!). I have an oldie but goodie blanket for winter time and a quilt which is pretty light weight as both decorative and functional if the weather gets too cold. I like dressing my bed and in fact whilst I am not neat, I do like her to be somewhat tidy!!

  4. My bed would definitely instagram if she (it’s a she for sure) could. Disgust when I haven’t changed the sheets or doona cover often enough, preening when I have, both pride and horror at the pets which get pampered there, some surprise when there is some other kind of ‘action’. Of course, my bed would always ask permission before posting certain photos first!

  5. soft black jeans, a printed tee shirt and a granny style crocheted cardigan. All super bright!

  6. My bed tries to keep in style particularly when it comes to clothes, but there’s no denying that it’s an old daggy bed that has seen better days. Sounds a bit like me!

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