Random Internetting While Sick


As if the joys of low iron haven’t been causing me enough fun* recently, I woke up on Monday feeling pretty crap. I stuck a box of tissues in my backpack and headed in to work. Yeah, not the wisest idea. I got rapidly worse and my throat went from fine to me being nearly unable to do so much as drink water.


*replace fun with another f word, ok?


I lasted about 3 hours, then dragged my ass home. I have no idea how I managed to get home. Sheer will? Managed to get in to see a GP later that afternoon and my skills at tonsilitis still exist. I know they exist when doctors look at my throat and yelp. Skillz. The GP wasn’t messing around. Cue box of 50 penicillin tablets.





I’m not good at doing nothing so I spent yesterday afternoon looking up random things on the internet.




FYI: The internet sucks at good videos of how to fight tissue boxes. Must make one at some point.


If you need a good nose boop, then this video is for you:


Hmm, what else did I find…oh yes, I was looking up procrastinating and I like this woman.



Then I looked up pretty planes and came across this article. But they’re not really all that pretty. Vaguely interesting if you’re a plane nerd though.


That didn’t hold my interest for long, so then I moved to random articles on Google autocorrects. But that wasn’t as fun as finding my own weird google shit.


I was really disappointed with this one. It was all serious stuff. I was expecting to find videos of people falling asleep while holding iPads and dropping them on their faces. Because I know I’m not the only one who has done that.





I am a little concerned that someone has lost their liver though:




This one will be relevant later on in this post, so stay tuned…




I’m also a bit upset that people lick deodorant:




I started getting really sick last night. I couldn’t stop shaking at one point. But weirdly, while shaking, I knew I was getting better because already (probably due to the amount of painkillers and throat gargles/sprays I was taking) I could feel an improvement in my throat. I even managed to eat some cheese & crackers before bed. It was the suckiest part of being sick. You are in a lot of pain, have a fever, everything hurts…but you know that in a day or so the antibiotics will kick in and it’ll be over. That and some good sleep. Ah. Sleep. I managed to get to sleep fairly early. I want to say 8 or 8.3o. Then I woke up when Ben came to bed at about 12.30.


I was hoping it was nearly morning at that time, becuase my brain was being stupidly active in my fever driven sleep. I was planning email automation sequences in my sleep. I kid you not. I took some more painkillers, ate some ice cream (because you have to eat to take strong painkillers and ice cream is good for sore throats) and managed to get back to sleep. Until about 3.30am, at which point I crawled into the living room and decided to sleep there. I had nearly gotten back to sleep when my dog starts going nuts outside so I had to go take care of that.


I finally woke up at 7.30am and I’ve spent the day watching housing shows on TV. But I had to turn off some small house show becuase there were too many hipster on the screen. I did have to go out as I ran out of iron tablets and throat spray, and when I came home, I found this in my mailbox:






So my plans for the rest of the day are more couch, TV and a cocktail of drugs to beat my throat pain, faucet nose and general aches/fever.


Have you done any random internetting lately? 



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  1. Not jealous of the shitty run of sickness you’ve been having but SUPER jealous of the possibility of the NBN. We don’t even have that just yet. I mean, we can’t even make mobile flipping phone calls from inside our house so technology is not a selling point around here.

    1. The NBN has been a giant tease because I know areas getting it and the reason I stopped doing my random weekend car videos is how many freaking hours they took to upload! I worked out it would be faster to drive about half an hour each way to a friends house with NBN to upload my video than it would be to upload them at home. I know there have been a few glitches with NBN modems so I’m going to wait til uni is over to swap cos I can’t risk outages as an online student!

  2. You’ve had one thing after another all year… I feel so bad for you. Are you out of sick leave? I guess that would be hard if you have to use holidays or do the no-pay thing!

    I hope this passes quickly and you’re well for a while.

    PS. No NBN so not a lot of random internet searching here…

    Take care. x

    1. All freaking year!! I’ve got like half a day of sick leave…so I’m trying to balance working up flexitime with not getting sicker and hoping to stop using my rec leave for sick days. I think once my iron bumps up again I’ll stop catching bugs, that seems to be how it usually works for me.

  3. I’ve been having time out and offline due to health issues this past fortnight. I made the mistake of covering two events over two nights at the end of the fortnight, thinking all the rest would have helped. I pretty much ended up leaving the second event early, a blubbering mess. The rest of the weekend was a complete blur and I wonder if I shouldn’t continue my time out.

    Like you I’m low in iron but also B12 and Vitamin D, is it any wonder I can barely function?

    Hoping you are feeling better.

  4. Random interneting is fun isn’t it? Not that I do it. No, never. Hope you are on the mend. x

  5. I hope you get better soon. Gosh it’s been a while since you have been well and I wonder is there any chance you would have your tonsils out? I think its harder on adults too. Sorry to say. As for the NBN I am so underwhelmed about having Fibre to the Node using the same old copper wires that telstra has that I am waiting until next year when we HAVE to go NBN. They have totally stuffed up doing it this way where we live and I am not happy. The opposition MP for communications is my old MP from Sydney and she asked me to send her details of the stuff up Telstra made earlier this year when they never even turned up to change to NBN as we booked. We cancelled. She is adding our info to the ACCC hearing about the NBN.

  6. I can’t say I have ever random internetted – I feel like catching up my favourite blogs, work and social media steal all the time I could ever give. Hope your feeling better.

  7. Oh man, hope you’re feeling better by now, tonsillitis is a bitch!
    #teamIBOT today (very late, sorry!)

  8. Yay for NBN, but tonsillitis really sucks. Miss 19 used to get it regularly; eventually found a doctor willing to refer her for a tonsillectomy, which she had done at 17. The recovery period was horrible, but oh my gosh it was worth it, it was awful seeing her sick so often.

  9. PS forgot to say – some of these had me laughing out loud – licking deodorant? And they’ve lost their liver wtf?!

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