Go Big, Or Go Home

You may have seen or heard on social media that I am starting a podcast. Yep. It’s true. I had a website and social media set up for it. But I have made a big decision.


Go Big, Or Go Home


Go Big, Or Go Home


Side Gig Life will be a part of NormalNess, not a separate site with separate social media. (Obviously, I will be keeping the URL and social media handles as a backup/just in case.)



Well, you probably all know I have shiny object syndrome. I love the names of the blogs I come up with. But managing multiple social media is tiring and time is not a variable I have a lot of. Practicality was my initial prompt in thinking about this. The other thing I noticed was that already, topics were overlapping. I wrote a post about burnout that really was on the same theme as other posts I have written here about managing low iron, being in funks and days when you need resilience.


But really, why?

Can I blame the ProBlogger conference? I was looking up speakers when I came across Puttylike. And then I went to both of Emilie’s talks (one session and one keynote) at ProBlogger. She encouraged people to find an overarching theme to their multipassionate interests.


Overarching Theme to multi-passionate blogs


And mine is becoming clearer. Doing what you want with your life, because it’s your freaking life. (Maybe I’ll make that more articulate at some point!) The other thing that came up at ProBlogger was from Dan Norris. I don’t have a photo from the session but we were encouraged to go big. Think bigger. Do more.


And I know how I’m going to do that. I’m not quite ready to share yet as I feel like I have to have a bit more of it under my belt first (and everything is on hold until I finish this semester of uni), but I do want to blog about it when it’s under way.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll start to combine the blogs and social media. Because it makes sense. Side Gig Life is about how we fit things into our lives. The NormalNess tag line is “We’re all normal to ourselves”. They are complementary, and not separate things. Life is made up of many, many things. And they can live in the same online home.


Do you have shiny object syndrome? What’s the scariest thing you’ve done with it? 




12 Replies to “Go Big, Or Go Home”

  1. All of this sounds very exciting! I used to get shiny object syndrome with blogging and social media too. It wasn’t until I started Awesomely Unprepared that I realised I could put everything that’s a part of me on it, that I finally felt settled!
    Right now I am working on something exciting – I’m part of a team of bloggers who cover events in our state – and I am facing the prospect of people knowing the name of the city I’m from (I’ve stayed vague in the past)! I’m wondering if this will bring new opportunities on my personal blog – maybe change will be in the air! Good luck with everything! x

    1. Oh that sounds exciting! I hope it goes as you hope it does.

  2. I thought of you a few times at ProBlogger, and wondered if you would combine your blogs once home. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. xx

    1. Overall, it would be SO much easier. But I can’t detach myself from some of the names 🙂 I’m still going to have this blog, Bloggers and Bacon, my (sadly disused) travel blog Suitcase Scribbles and my freelancing site related to uni work. So only 4…

  3. Sounds like a good theme to me!! Sounds like me full stop. Hint, hint.

    1. Haha yes, hint hint indeed 🙂 You know I’ll be contacting you once uni is over!

  4. ‘Side Gig Life’ is an awesome title. Looking forward to following your next chapter. I know what you mean re: juggling social media and ‘normal life’ – it’s such a tricky one. Good on you for fitting uni into the mix too. No doubt your weeks are full to the brim. Hope you get some down time this weekend.

    1. Thanks Tonia. I love it, which is why it was kind of so hard to give up keeping it separate. But if it becomes so big that it needs to be its own thing, I can always break it off. That’s the benefit to keeping the URL and social media handles.

  5. Sounds like a sensible idea. I keep reading that word muti something or rather from Problogger (I would love to hear people try to say it after a few wines). Definitely sounds like you. I have a short attention span but no original ideas. Rude!

  6. I’m so pleased to hear this Ness. I love reading your thoughts but I’m hopeless at catching up on multiple blogs – this way I can follow you as I do and not miss a thing!

  7. I understand your need to have ‘all the things’ especially the names. I wish you well. I tried writing 3 blogs for 3 different audiences (there was some overlap) but for me it didnt work out. However, the past 2 years of taking topics and blogging on them each day is working out for me. i no longer have any interest ( as i did with the 3 blogs) of doing anything other than connecting and communicating with my readers. I wish you well!

  8. That’s an awesome title! And I love your theme. Can’t wait to hear more!

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