Weird Photos From My Phone

dino eye

The other morning I realised I had nearly 20 gig of photos on my phone and basically, I need to do something about that. But backing up and deleting and so on is boring, so in the name of procrastination, please find some weird, funny and pretty stuff. These span the history of my phone which includes 2015 & 2016. I have no idea if I’ve ever posted any of these before and I am far, far too lazy to check. Or care. Enjoy!


Weird Photos From My Phone


dino eye
This is my husband poking the eye of a plastic dinosaur in a westfield because I told him to.


butter cat
This is my in laws cat who I think really wants butter. I’m not sure who belongs to the arm.


Roma St Sunset
This is Roma Street Station in Brisbane at sunset.


Besser Brick wall
This is a besser brick wall. Highly likely from the buildings they knocked down at work this year.




cheese tree


Tis a jellyfish. A very see through one.


I can only say: irony.


kmart damaged goods
Who doesn’t want a blender with a broken button?!


Kmart damaged goods
Or a flask that doesn’t have working insulation…


My mind in December.


insulin box hat
This is me wearing my dogs insulin needle box as a hat.


Donuttey lake
A donuttey lake.




A tree


Stairs from the weirdo old building at work that I loved because it was so fucking strange but is sadly rubble at the top of the Faraway Tree now. You’re looking down a set of stairs through a window to another set of stairs.


I love these three trees.


creepy op shop doll
A very creepy op shop doll


Smiling dog
Vala smiling


Sandbar boat
Someone parked their boat in a big sandbar/shoal or whatever the fuck it is called.


dark storm
A very dark storm approaching my house about a year ago.


My MILs famous pav tree. Stack? Again, no name for it.


boat ramp storm
Storm coming in (or going out, who can remember?) over a local boat ramp.


Beams in the old church where I did my first aid course this year.


two by two
Two by two…


Resus bed
The pictures above the resus bed in the local hospital.


Sky diving easter bunny
Sky diving easter bunny – one of those things I’m so used to that I forget not everyone has one. Same as a Santa that drives around every street of the local suburbs in December.


The kind of thing my brain does while bored.


the inside of my foot
The inside of my foot – from when they were checking that it wasn’t broken.


Found on Buzzfeed: the most accurate depiction of postgrad ever.


egg head
Cracked egg head.


massive calamari ring
Massive calamari ring


Podcasting set up


Bird sunrise
Birds. Sunrise. Etc.


macbook air
The glorious moment I got a new laptop after about 9 months without one.


I told my physio about the walking I had to do the next day and they strapped me up. OMG that was the most amazingly helpful thing in the world and it helped me walk up and down hills to far too many meetings the next day. Who knew tape could be so amazing?


air legs
My legs. In the air. Waving around like they just don’t care.


RACV Golf Course
The pretty golf course at RACV Royal Pines (aka at ProBlogger this year).


I call this art “The embodiment of a Monday”. I don’t actually know if it was a Monday but that’s beside the point.


all the donuts
I’ve never seen so many. Also from Problogger 2016.


Netball game.


Anthropologist fasinating
And possibly my favourite joke from Stargate Atlantis.


I’m not sure how to end this post, so … yeah. I have a weird taste of everything in life.


10 Replies to “Weird Photos From My Phone”

  1. 9 months without a laptop?! ?

    1. It was hell!

  2. Cute photos all. Really hard to decide which was best of the lot.
    Happy WW!

    1. Thanks Indrani!

  3. Some really great shots amongst the weirdness! Love the commentary LOL

    1. Well I couldn’t do a post with just serious/good photos. It would be against the theme of my blog. If I have one. Hmm. Anyway…

  4. I am such a voyeur..I LOVED looking at your photos!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Photos are so fun 🙂

  5. Cool idea for a post. Must pinch it! Will have to give you credit of course!!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh I love random photos! Please do one 🙂

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