Why You Need An Image In Your Blog Post

One of those “hidden secrets” of blogging is that you should have an image in your blog post. But why do we do this? There are a number of reasons. I’ve outline three of the primary reasons in this post.


Here Are The Reasons You Need To Include An Image In Your Blog Post:


Images Break Up Text

As a blogger, you are competing to keep the attention of your reader on your blog. And that’s not easy. Blogs are a dime a dozen, if you’ll excuse the cliche. People often read blogs on the go, so you want to make it easy for them to read. By including images in your blog post, you break up the chunks of texts and increase readability.


Why You Need An Image In Your Blog Post


Make The Blog Post Pinnable

Ah, Pinterest. Also known as the great vortex of time. Even if you don’t use Pinterest, having an image in your blog post means that your readers can pin your post to a board. And you know what that means? Free traffic. Yep.


Easily Share Information

If your blog post is full of tips, it’s a great idea to have then included in a graphical format too. This allows for easy sharing. In fact, research has shown that photos greatly increase engagement with a tweet.


Tip: There are a number of great ways to easily create images. Try PicMonkey, Canva or the WordSwag app. (Bonus: most of these are free or very cheap!)


How you use images in your blog post? What types of images have worked best for you?


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  1. Just how great is canva? I don’t use it enough in my blog posts, but am determined to do so more often. 2018 is the year I get serious about growing my social media presence, my blog traffic & my book sales….oh & lose some weight…but I say that every year!

    1. I use Canva so much!

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