To Blog for Not-Business

As I’ve said before, I like that I’m not a “commercial” blogger.


Is that even the right word? Anyway, I mean someone who blogs because they want to & doesn’t want to work with PR’s or brands or have advertising …


I was asked recently what that means in terms of readers. Do I care if anyone doesn’t read my blog? Do I want more people to read my blog?


I’m only human. And funny thing about us humans, we love self-validation through others, after all, we’re social creatures. Yes, even someone like me who has been called anti-social more times than she can count!


So, yes. I love it when I get more readers than I did the month before. I prefer it when people read my blog. I like it when a post is popular. I think it’s awesome if someone retweets a link to a blog post I’ve written. Why wouldn’t I think those things are good?

Of course I’d love it if these just went up, up & up!

But if everyone stopped reading my blog tomorrow, I would probably still keep posting. Why?


I like writing.


Now as anyone who writes knows, sometimes you hate it. But I’ve always written in some capacity. I wrote stories as a kid when I was scared in storms. I wrote a giant travel blog after a 12 day trip through Europe. I was heavily involved in Harry Potter fan fiction for years. I attempt & fail NaNoWriMo each year for about 7 years now.


Some of those things were public, some private. Some were read by others, some weren’t.


Regardless of readers, I still write. It’s a delectably selfish thing to do 🙂

8 Replies to “To Blog for Not-Business”

  1. The Life of Clare says: Reply

    I love writing my blog but boy does it make my day when I get that email saying there’s a new comment! Especially from bloggers I admire!

    1. There’s no denying getting that comment alert email is nice!!

  2. I don’t blog for business or profit. But I don’t seem to have that passion for writing that I see some bloggers (like yourself) have. And yet… I also wrote a lot of fanfiction back in the day! Right now I blog only when I feel like I want to share, or have something to say. Sometimes I miss writing stories though 🙂

    1. I think if I didn’t write I’d talk far too much 🙂

  3. I admire you ability to just write, for me I need to know that I am being read. Comments are lovely but as long as I can see that I am being read I can go without the comments.

    1. It’s taken me a while to get so much as double digits per day on this blog, but it is nice to see the numbers go up! 🙂

  4. Blogging is an amazing outlet for writing – or publishing any form of creativity like photography or video. Even though my blog is a business – I could not sustain it if I didn’t actually LOVE the writing part.

    1. That’s a good point for everyone who sees all the amazing opportunities out there for probloggers – you still have to love the writing.

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