Blog Power Events – High Tea!

Yesterday I attended my first bloggers event, Blog Power Events’ first event – High Tea at the Emporium.

The concierge was busy when I got there so I thought “Hey, I’ve been to the Emporium for a few things before, I’ll just head up the stairs to the rooms I’ve been to every other time.


The rooms were empty and the confused staff had no idea what Blog Power Events were. Then I said High Tea, and they told me to go downstairs into the cocktail bar.

Then I found a group of people and rightly guessed they were all there for the same reason as me! Yay!!

The staff at the Emporium were fantastic – they were not only polite but didn’t need to look at menus to tell us what we were eating, took some of the coffee & tea orders without notepads – then delivered them to the right people! (I have done literally three hours work as a waitress in my life and I found I just don’t care about what other people are eating or drinking to remember it properly.)

We all got chatting pretty easily and I wish I had taken note of a few apps people mentioned. I also wish I had an iPhone 5. My 3GS is so slow & it’s testing my patience.

The food was great (though not much of it was food I could eat):

Decorated sweets
Mimosa & sandwiches

And don’t try to go to the bathroom without your camera:

Fancy bathroom

Tea cups:


The group:

The group enjoying themselves

After a great couple of hours of chatting, I had to leave as I was catching up with some high school friends afterwards.

Then when I got home (maaany hours later!) I went through the goody bag!! Now, not exactly being a girly girl, I have no idea what any of this stuff is for, but I guess I’ll be finding out…

Cute gift tags with the event hashtag
Goody bag!

Great afternoon & I look forward to the next one!

6 Replies to “Blog Power Events – High Tea!”

  1. It was great meeting you in person. I hope you had a great time with your other friends and were able to find a way to squeeze in some more food 🙂 Rachel x

    1. Great to meet you too! Such a good day, full of old & new friends 🙂

  2. What an awesome event! Those gift tags are genius!

    1. It was a great first event from Blog Power Events.

  3. What a delicious looking High Tea … and fabulous company too! Wish I had been there!

    1. Worth coming to the next one if you can, I’m sure!! I couldn’t eat much of the food but the few bits I did have were great.

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