What Do You Take To The Beach?

I have a bit of a weird/silly/am I really asking this question today.


What Do You Take To The Beach?


What Do You Take To The Beach?


I know, I live by the beach. Shouldn’t I know this? The thing is, I make lots of little trips to the beach. I rarely actually spend big chunks of time there. But a month ago, I scored a great beach tent by accident in BCF. And I want to use it. Which means I’ll be spending more than just bits of time here and there at the beach. (In theory!)



But because I take lots of little trips, I don’t actually know what is a good idea to take to the beach for a chunk of time.


What I’ve thought of so far:

  • Suncream
  • Water
  • Book
  • Towel
  • Dog
  • Some kind of food? 


And of course, I was lucky enough to score one of the elusive Kmart beach carts recently, so my summer is pretty much set with pretty “gadgets” now.


Kmart beach trolleys are Vala endorsed, it seems.

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Totally irrelevant to this post, but when we unpacked the beach cart I made an offhand comment to Ben that they felt like much higher quality than I’d expect from Kmart, more along the lines of my camp table from BCF. And then I was picking up some long handled tongs Saturday morning when I saw… beach carts! So I had a quick play and apart from branding and price, I can’t tell a difference between the Kmart ones and the BCF ones. It was just strange how an offhand comment ended up seemingly correct. 


(Also, I swear this post isn’t sponsored by BCF, I just keep ending up there to pick up online orders as they seem to send $10 vouchers to members pretty frequently recnetly. Also, they’re closer to me than Anaconda, so…)


Anyway, back to the actual topic at hand… what do you take to the beach? Any food tips? I feel like I don’t know what to eat at the beach. 


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13 Replies to “What Do You Take To The Beach?”

  1. Hi Nessa I live part time near the beach but don’t really stay there I just walk (now that is weird). What about a radio or some music? Frisbie for exercise 🙂 Body board, HAT!!! Hope that helps. BTW your photos wouldn’t show when I opened your post so you might want to check. Enjoy the beach.

    1. Oh yes, hat! I keep that in the car so it’s on hand anyway 🙂 Thanks for letting me know about the photos, they should be working now.

  2. Hat, sunscreen, phone, book, towel, sunglasses for me – oh and the obvious cover-up.

  3. Wear hat, sunnies, sunscreen and birkis. Bring water, towels, kindle, phone, keys and Preschooler SSG’s toys of the moment plus spare plastic bags.

    SSG xxx

  4. Watermelon at the beach is the best!

    1. Oh, I forget about melon fruits. I like that idea!

  5. Gosh, if it was up to me I would just wander onto the beach with the perfect little beach bag that contains my sunscreen, book, towel and water. Then I would carry a neat little chair to sit on. But when it comes to my family we end up dragging the umbrella, balls, boards, an esky of snacks … and we become the hillbillies the wind just blew in.

    1. I do also have a cute little camp table, but probably don’t need that for the beach! I mostly don’t want to get all set up and then realise I forgot something.

  6. I have a confession to make. I’m not a fan of staying at the beach for long periods of time. An hour or two at most, and I want to be elsewhere. That’s how long it takes me to slather on the sunscreen, build a sand castle, go for a dip and then start to feel a little woozy from laying out in the sun.
    I would definitely say yes to the book though. Maybe a magazine that you can flick through if you get a little bored.

    1. I think an hour or two will be it for me too – I have trouble sitting still at the best of times. Still, even an hour or two will be a LOT for me. I can’t stand to be in the sun so I’m hoping the beach tent works out well for me.

  7. These days I go to the beach more to walk, paddle and collect nice shells or rocks and of course to take pics!! I have a handy carry bag in canvas that I got free when I attended TEDX in Sydney. In that goes my beach flip flops (I wear them to the edge of the sand) that are now 11 years old and I got them in Hawaii and never want them to break. I also put my keys in there and have my phone for pic. I was only saying to my hub recently I think I want to stay longer at the beach and that would involve carrying a beach seat, towel and putting sunscreen on. I will think more about that. I spend hours on the beach as a teen though! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek48/52. Next week is the last link up and prompt for 2017 – Christmas Plans

    1. Ooh you need one of the funky carts then! I’m interested to see how I go in this attempt at sitting still haha.

  8. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Love the post!

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