Number One Bite Sized Blogging Tip

I wanted something awesome to launch Bloggers and Bacon (when it was its own blog) and welcome it to the land of the internet. Yet, any post idea I had just didn’t seem like a launch day thing. So I put some calls out in the blogging community, asking what their number one bite sized blogging tip is.


A heap of amazing bloggers replied with advice. So my launch day post has been complied from the best part about blogging – the community.


Number One Bite Sized Blogging Tip



Number One Bite Sized Blogging Tip


Melissa from Hugzilla:

Blogging is a long game. A labour of love. Forget about stats and try not to obsess about traffic, SEO and social media followers. Be yourself, write from the heart and have fun. 


Sarah from Surely Sarah:

Write what you would want to read. I try to keep that in mind always. 


Deb from Inner Compass Designs:

In the blogging world there appear to be a lot of experts who offer advice in the form of rules or must-do’s if you want to be “successful”. Over time I learned that there are really no rules. Blogging will be far more enjoyable if you listen to what advice is offered but always follow your gut and do what feels right for you. For every opinion that says “x” there will be others who tell you to do the opposite, so blogging is not a one size fits all gig. Be true to you. 




Stacey from Veggie Mama:

My number one blogging tip is to create something you truly love. When the chips are down (and they will go down!) there needs to be the thing that keeps you coming back, something that keeps the passion alive. 


Michelle from Pinky Poinker:

My only tip is to be a nice person. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog, make sure you reply and do all you can to seek out their blog and leave a return comment. If a blogger likes your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter, return the favour (unless you’re a really famous, popular blogger of course, because you wouldn’t be physically able to keep up with it).


Nikki from Styling You:

Blog your own race – switch off the comparison button – direct your time, energy, originality and personality to making your own goals happen. 


Robyna from The Mummy And The Minx:

Be clear about your why and your what. Spend some time thinking about why you blog and what you want your blog to achieve. Write it down. When things get shaky – when you have doubts, when you feel down about the stats, when writer’s block hits or a case of blogger envy – you can turn to those touch-stones. Remind yourself of your why and if your blog isn’t fulfilling that why, change things up. Ease up on yourself and have fun – it’s a big bloggy world out there and there is a spot for you.


Michaela from Five Frogs Blog:

Write what you want to write, in the way you want to write it. There are no rules.


Tegan from Musings of the Misguided:

Never lose your unique voice. It’s something that can’t be taught or learned, but it’s the most important thing. Always remember that it’s your voice that keeps people coming back.


Mrs Woog from Woogsworld:

Write like no one is ever going to read it. I know that it sounds strange, but I think that if you adopt this practice, your writing will improve out of sight! 


Gayel from Modern Mummy Mayhem:

Work hard on building a fab community, for with them more people follow.


Rah from Rahest:

Stop procrastinating and just fkn do it. 


Leigh from Absoluteleigh:

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – Jon Acuff


What’s your number one bite sized blogging tip?



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