Random Pet Peeves About Blogging

Random Pet Peeves About Blogging

Random Pet Peeves About Blogging


Random Pet Peeves About Blogging


You’re only successful if you’re “full time”

Bahaha. Stick it. I can be full or part or no time at anything I damn well choose.


Compulsory sign in to comment

Sorry, I’m never going to be assed to do that. Even if I am socially obligated by way of link ups or similar. 


You MUST have X to blog

No, you don’t need to spend $ on blog themes, this, that or a bunch of crap. Sure, it can look and be awesome if you can, but MUST is a strong word.


Negative Headlines

This is a bit odd for me given how much I despise faux internet positivity, but headlines like “{number} things you’re doing wrong” or “fatal mistakes”. Peeps, fatal mistakes are things like drink driving, not using a free theme as your blog design. Fucking chill.


What pet peeve do you have about blogging?


10 Replies to “Random Pet Peeves About Blogging”

  1. I’m sometimes negative in my blogging but it’s usually tongue-in-cheek!

    Also I like that (often) it feels like there are no rules in blogging. I think it was different 5-10yrs ago but there are so many different types of bloggers these days….

    I hate sites that require you to sign in as well.

    And personal gripe – Instagrammers who call themselves bloggers cos writing a paragraph about a book on instagram does not make you a blogger! (Mind you, I suspect book reviewers say the same about book bloggers!)

  2. All of these plus the ones where you’re automatically signed up for all subsequent comments & you have to tick a box to unsubscribe. And the ones who link and run & don’t comment on anything else in the link – not even the host’s post. You don’t expect people to comment on everything, but we have some who literally do link and run.

  3. All of the ones you’ve mentioned and the ones from Jo and Deb in their comments plus the pop up windows that pop up the minute you open a post annoy me too. Too many numbers like 450 ways to do xyz always get me not reading as well. Thanks for the whinge 🙂 #lifethisweek

  4. All good points! There really is so much not to like. Many times I think about stopping, but then I would have to find something else that satisfies. Truth is I enjoy it.
    I really don’t enjoy Instagram at all. It’s dud plus there’s too many sponsored posts these days so I never see anyone’s stuff, just ads.
    I could rant for hours…

  5. No peeves at the moment for me, Ness. Mainly because I don’t read the blogs that contain the issues you identified!


    SSG xxx

  6. All the things you said plus link and runners really wind me up because that’s just bad manners. It’s like swinging by without saying hi. Why would you?!

  7. Oh yes – the free blogging thing always gets to me. I look at the fact that I can blog for free and do whatever I like without feeling like I need to cover my costs – what’s not to love about that? And I’m with the haters of pop up boxes and link droppers. And don’t get me started on capture codes!!

  8. There are definitely no ‘MUSTs’ in blogging! Each to their own. We can all do what we want with our little corners of the internet.

  9. I am not full time and I don’t know how to define “success” but I have met some really interesting people and read some very thoughtful blog posts. That’s success to me! 🙂

  10. Just replied but said server stopped responding…am having a few issues with connectivity today. .
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week the optional prompt is Share Your Snaps. Hope to see you there. Happy Easter. Stay well. Stay home. Stay safe. Denyse.

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