Randoms 13

Randoms 13

Do not put really thick moisturiser on your hands and then try to unplug your iPad. You will be unable to. 


Listen to The Good Place podcast. 


I forgot my headphones today and realised it while in traffic to the train station and I was sad. I hate getting on public transport if I can hear other humans. Other humans in small spaces are not my thing. But then I remembered my gym bag was in my boot (I love my boot) and I have different headphones for the gym because no one wants to sweat on noise cancelling headphones, so yay, Apple headphones are better than none.


An asshole cat asshole woke me up at asshole 3 or 4am today. Stupid meows. Can’t cats communicate silently on the internet like the rest of us? Anyway then I couldn’t get back to sleep … until just before my alarms went off. At which point I would fall back into a deep sleep, only to wake with a jump a few mins later when the next alarm went off. IT WAS SUPER FUN.


Someone on my train had a purple shirt and purple headphones AND purple book. I want to know if the purple book was a deliberate choice or a happy coincidence.


Randoms 13


There’s a long boring story deep behind this but last year I got some private health cover to help me afford to see a dentist for effectively the first time as an adult and anyway on Sunday I had a check up and clean for free. Well paid for by health fund, obviously. Anyway I knew I needed some work done and it’s not huge (for what dentistry can cost) but it’s also nearly $2500 worth so yeah, much looking into upping my private health to cover more of the dental work. Have big spreadsheets of costings with rebates and premiums to try and decide which is best value and which suits my cash flow best. 


I believe that nearly any problem can be analysed with Who, What, When, Where, Why & How. Sure, you can dress it up in industry specific terms and copyright it, but at the basis, this covers nearly everything. 


Lots of adults who don’t look (and note the use of the word look, and this acknowledgement of look not encompassing many conditions) like they need the reserved/priority seating on my bus sit in it every day instead of walking back to non reserved seating, of which there is usually plenty. It bugs me. 


My hands are dry. I hate the feeling of dry hands. I don’t get it often, even in what passes for winter in Qld but ew. 


The bus driver this morning was a bit crap. Bunch of people toppled and grabbed things because he was too impatient to let a heap of people sit down before moving on. But the same people who huffed in annoyance at falling over said thank you as they got off the bus. As a general rule, I don’t thank people who make me fall over. Though I guess if i was like in a war zone someone making you fall over could like miss a bullet or bomb blast? Still, Brisbane public transport is rarely a war zone, so my example is effectively pointless and the cats fault. I wonder if they said thank you when they got off out of reflex.


Todays blog post photo is also brought to you by said bus driver. Apparently he was unaware of the rule that you don’t enter the intersection if you can’t clear it so my view was of cars being blocked by our bus. 


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  1. Hahaha, I hear you on the moisturiser vs iPad charger. I’ve never coordinated my outfit with my headphones or my book and now I’m wondering if I should?!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think it’s a travesty that you’ve ever left the house without coordinating your headphones and book 😉

  2. I always keep headphones in my bag in case of emergencies and when I say emergency I mean a loud instastory. I’m one of those suckers who always says thank you to the bus driver, I just can’t help myself!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think I will have to keep a pair in my bag now. I don’t know why I used to keep some in the car and some at my desk when it’s on my commute that I’d need them most! It must have made sense in the past somehow.

  3. Haha. So random, you put my random ramblings (infrequent as they are) to random shame. And 3am, gosh, stupid asshole cat.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      And this is just what my brain blogs haha, let alone what it keeps inside 🙂

  4. I keep earbuds in my bag ( havent adopted the headphones yet…for out of the house) and it means that whenever I need to chill out from the world I can.

    Recent example is the 3 hour session lying in the dentist’s chair yesterday for the oh so slow (and not really painful except for my patience) treatment of : take the stent out (this requires a drill, a screw driver and my mouth wide open.. wait till he then cleans the area underneath…takes a while as it is newly transplanted skin (remember operation 3 did not work because skin grew back too fast) and then wait some more while he checks it all out, takes a photo or 3, then using a scalpel he cleans up the solid material that was inside the stent, then replaces in my mouth over the abutments, and adds the foam inside the stent to form a barrier between stent and inside. That long? Yep, takes That Long. I listened to a book yesterday. I find I am better not listening to what he is talking about to the assistant in case I worry!! I can ‘hear’ his instructions though and he is a very kind person as is his assistant. Denyse x

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh that might be a good idea for when I start getting some dental work done – headphones on. Three hours is a long time to be still, let alone have your mouth open.

  5. Omg I hate when I forget headphones and will be on a bus. People are noisy! Love the purple person/book. And I only just got told about the intersection rule by hubby recently when I was back seat driving/road raging about not moving forward. Oops. My bad!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha I like that you know you were backseat driving though 🙂

  6. Argh, there is nothing worse than the sound of other humans on public transport, especially if one said human is talking on the phone at a volume they could hear on the moon!!!! Why the fuck do people do this?!?!?! I gave up commuting for my job in the city at the moment, I discovered that they have $15 all day parking, which is about as much as it costs me to catch the train, the drive takes the same amount of time as taking public transport, and I consider the cost of the tolls and the petrol a small levy to pay for getting to be in my own space on the journey to and from, not having to get to the station to find my train is running late or just never shows up, killing myself to run and try to make the very infrequent train because I never know what time I’ll finish, and getting home before my kids are asleep. Sure I don’t get to play on my phone or do other work whilst travelling, but I’ve actually been enjoying it, despite the traffic!

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