Unproductive – And That’s The Way I Like It

I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. And I think it suits me. I haven’t really blogged. Shared. Linked up. “Done” anything.


Unproductive – And That’s The Way I Like It


Unproductive - And That's The Way I Like It


I think I’m in a transition phase of working out what I need things to feel and look like.


I tried to work hard on editing my book but I really, really hate editing my own work. So I’ve ignored it for weeks now. I wondered if publishing on Amazon is ethical given concerns that have been raised in the past about their treatment of workers. 


I haven’t chased any coaching clients since the last few wrapped up. It’s not that I don’t want to, but more that I am not a fan of promoting myself. I find myself dry of ideas in how to talk about myself. And a bit over the social media treadmill, to be honest. I don’t know how to be “useful” to possible clients. One of my previous clients was someone in a field I’d never have thought of working with but it turned out great. Plus, my brain is trained as a researcher (go wide), not a marketer (go narrow). 


And I know that on the surface some of you may be thinking “uh oh, loss of interest, sign of depression”. I’ve had similar comments before when I post a wandering post. And while it’s good that mental health is in the forefront of things we will talk about, it’s not that. I feel positive about not doing anything! It has been really nice to be unproductive.


It feels like a change, a transition. A good one. One that will help me focus on what I do really want and need. Balance, if you can read that word and not roll your eyes. Only I can’t tell you what that will look like because I’m still going through the change. 


I’m feeling pretty content to sit back and let Netflix be my guidance right now. Though I am also considering Stan, as they have a few TV series’ that I own on dvd but am sometimes too lazy to get up and put a disc in for. But they also have other shows I’ve wanted to watch for a while. Big decisions. 


If you’re interested in a medical rant, then read about how stupid a doctor I saw on the weekend was:


Ok I’m going rant post doctors appointment. As I said previously, they are a bit hit and miss there. The doctors I preferred to see have all long moved on. I saw a doctor I hadn’t seen before. Two things bothered me. One: He didn’t think I should be there. Apparently it’s not abnormal for two weeks of pain when it flares up. Ok, great. But also, I’m not a doctor and I don’t know that, and I had literally just explained how this was an unusual length of pain for me. So … don’t talk down to me about why I’m there after “not long”. Inform me, don’t condescend to me. Two: He told me to keep taking paracetamol and ibuprofen for a few weeks. And to take codeine for when it hurts more. Then he went quiet, the “appointment over” hint. I had to ask for a script for the codeine, which he then printed. For fucks sake. If you have just told a patient to take a prescription only drug why the fuck would you make them ask you to issue said script? Anyway. At least he was bulk billed. Can’t imagine having to pay for his attitude. By far not the worst doctor I’ve seen, but I don’t get the weird useless attitude of doctors like this. I’m grateful at my normal doctors I’ve never encountered anything like this from any doctor within that practice.

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Otherwise… well *waves*. I’m good. Are you?


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  1. The contrast of the scope of what researchers versus marketers to do is so true and I’ve never thought of it that way, Ness. But I do know how good it is to be unproductive for a bit. Planning my next session right now.

    SSG xxx

    1. Someone mentioned the wide vs narrow in a facebook group years ago and it has really explained to me why I can’t “get” marketing.

  2. I think being unproductive makes you more productive in the long run. It’s good to take a step back and as for Netflix, it’s always a good idea!

    1. When we need a break, we really need a break!

  3. Sometimes it’s the right season for doing ‘nothing’, whether just for a day or for a longer period. Enjoy this time!

  4. Some Drs are just useless and condescending . Hope you find a good GP.

    1. Thankfully he’s not my usual, just a random at the local late night clinic!

  5. Dear Ness,

    you are doing or not doing what you can to get well and get over what has been, from my observations a bloody crap-filled 2 years+.

    Like how you are taking time and just lettering things happen more. Me too. Less pressure, I figure I can be more at ease. I have been so attuned to the “next appointment” and the “next thing” that I have sometimes forgotten I do not always have to BE productive.

    Don’t wait as long as me to work that out.

    Thanks for sharing on Life This Week. Next week’s optional prompt is: 7/51. Self-Care: Share Your Story. #1. 18/2/19. Denyse

  6. Ignore typos in my response.

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