What Is A Plug In?

WordPress 101 time! One of the first questions asked by newbie bloggers is:


What Is A Plug In?


Totally valid question, too, by the way! When you’re a new blogger there is SO MUCH to learn.


What Is A Plug In?


So what is a plug in?


A plug in for WordPress is a bit of programming code that adds extra functionality to your site. WordPress is a great bare bones for your site, but sometimes you want to be able to do extra things, or do things better than the inbuilt WordPress options.


For example, I have plug ins that tell me how many people have visited my site, how a blog post is going for SEO (I use the Yoast plug in and wrote about what it taught me about writing here) and I used to have a plug in that created the pop up on the blog with my email newsletter sign up.


What was your first plug-in? Do you have a favourite you’d like to share? 


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