The Advertising Deficit Of Actually Having Your Shit Together

As much as I may not like the energy it takes to be organised, I generally have my shit together and am currently not really left wanting for anything.


The Advertising Deficit Of Actually Having Your Shit Together 


At least not anything that can be sold to me. Sure, I’d like a better commute and more time and home. But outside of crappy ads on social media for overnight success, they’re not really purchasable things.


This means that I get a really useless and weird, wide range of things sold to me on social media. Like schools. I don’t have or want children, and I often get ads for schools. Sometimes churches too. I’m an atheist. 


The things I want (or need) are fairly intangible. Which means ads for:

  • shoes
  • schools
  • self managed super funds
  • apartments
  • high teas
  • persistent coughs
  • lipstick
  • toilets
  • marvel whatever the lastest blah blah is
  • beds for kids
  • lunchboxes
  • gum
  • overpriced outdoor furniture
  • fruit 

are a waste of money. I don’t need, want or buy any of those.


I think social media gets confused by me. I’m not one topic enough. And advertising doesn’t know what to do when the things I want can’t be sold to me.


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  1. Wait till you get a bit older. I get ads for incontinence products, dentures and over 50’s living accommodation. ?

    1. I did get some like that the other day haha

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