Pockets And Phones

I’m not someone who gets up in the night to watch the Apple events because really, who on earth wants to watch corporate mumbo jumbo at the best of times? I remember one place I worked had “town hall” meetings and I refused to go to them because it sounded too much like a cult.


Pockets And Phones


BUT, it is a convenient factor that my phone contracts usually end up ending just after the new phones are released. Which means that yes, I’ve mildly been scoping the new iPhone release. Apart from a camera, I don’t really see an upgrade and I have lots of cameras. So, it’s not super thrilling in my book.


The main problem I’m having is that they seem to be making their phones bigger. I like the size on my non large (what do they call the bigger ones, pluses?) iPhone 7. But actually I prefer the smaller ones of days gone past. You know, the simple times when we all carried our phones to work or school barefoot in the snow? Or is that too much exaggeration? Anyway, I hate having to use two hands to use my phone, that’s the basics. And when I have to use two hands to use my phone it also means something else…


Less change of the bloody thing fitting in my pockets. 


It’s bad enough that women’s clothes still don’t always come with pockets, but now even if you’re lucky enough to have a pocket, your phone is too damn big to go in it!


Phones are clearly taking over our lives – you need both hands to operate one AND you can’t even put it away in your pants now. 

The solution

I know, it’s rare I have a solution. Usually  I just ask a metric shit tonne of questions. But not today.


The solution is to stop wearing pants. 


Very practical. 



Maybe the next phone could be a hoverphone to solve both the two hands and no pants issue. 


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