Instagram Tips From 2015 ProBlogger Conference

Instagram Tips From 2015 ProBlogger Conference

I’ll admit, Instagram is a platform I actually used to ignore a lot. It was kinda cool to see what people were up to, but I didn’t really get anything out it. Because I also didn’t put anything into it! Like most social media (or blogs), your enjoyment of the platform shows through to the people viewing it. At the ProBlogger conference in 2015, there was a great presentation on Instagram and here I’m sharing the tips I learned.


Instagram Tips From 2015 ProBlogger Conference




The big, big, BIG tip:

Links from your profile (eg landing pages) should be mobile friendly – Instagram is a mobile platform so please remember that for the users of it.


Visual Brand Storytelling

  • just try it if you don’t know if it’s for you
  • tell your core message in every image you share
  • delete off brand photos (people see first 6-9 photos)
  • stump town coffee, Virgin airlines, cafe gratitude – great example accounts!
  • don’t go graphic heavy – not lots of words (put value & content in caption)
  • delete photos that don’t represent your brand & story
  • red, orange, yellow, pinks really works – pops of colours work
  • quotes are exception to graphic rule


Need some free AND legal stock photos? Check out this post for 10 great sites!


1-3-5 follower technique for Instagram

  • go to search & put in hashtag your dream customer might search for
  • choose 1 person
  • 3 comments (authentically)
  • this fills their notifications with you

(Tip: use this for non influencers – not other bloggers. Possibly future customers?)


Hashtags Tips for Instagram:

  • Keep them in phone (eg notepad) or create a keyboard shortcut for them


General Instagram Tips:

  • Comment & respond from desktops/laptops if you have thumb soreness from using phones!
  • If you share from IG to FB edit the at mentions as the tagging won’t work
  • post valuably
  • post selfie & introduce yourself to your audience once a month with what you do
  • how can you show your community what it’s like to live your brand/lifestyle
  • 80-90% add value, sell rest of time


Less Visual Instagram Tips:

  • Adding value into content is key
  • Quotes & images are good
  • For business graphics are ok


Do you Instagram? Share a tip in the comments! 



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